Fyfa Cradle

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Autumn Faery Cradle

Knitted in Tweed Wool With Forest-Nut Edging

Fyfa Twig Broom


1 x 50g ball Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Autumn (85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere) or substitute pure wool in flecked 8ply/double knitting. Waste yarn for casting on. 4.00mm/US 6/UK 8 short needles. 2 x 3.00mm/US between 2 and 3/UK 11 double point needles for holding stitches. 3.00mm/US C/2-D/3/UK 11 crochet hook. 8 lengths of contrasting crochet thread about 15cm (almost 6") long for marking. Wool needle. Cradle size 12cm/4¾".

Pattern Fyfa Leaf

Chain 25 with waste yarn. Cut yarn making a knot in this tail end so you know which tail to pull later for ravelling. Begin work at the other end with 4.00mm needles. Using Autumn, pick up 25 stitches through the bump on the back of each chain. Knit one row of Knobble Stitch:

Fyfa Cradle

Knobble Stitch Another Fyfa Leaf

Row 1: K1, *Cast on 3 stitches, cast off 3 stitches, k1* repeat to end. Note: when casting on use cable method with needle entering to the left of the entire stitch, not through it. Knit one row. Continue in Garter Stitch. Have ready the 8 marker threads; the first threaded through the eye of the wool needle. Next Row: Slip threaded needle through first two stitches and tie a knot in the tails. Knit to last two stitches. Mark as first two stitches. You will pick up these stitches later. Decrease in this way at each end of every right side (alternate) rows until 17 stitches remain. Knit to end of next row but do not turn. Pick up the two stitches that are marked by each thread and knit through each one (an increase). Snip off each thread after stitch is formed. Keep increasing until there are 25 stitches. Rich side facing, work one row of Knobble Stitch. Place these 25 stitches on a 3.00mm double point needle. Carefully ravel cast on stitches, placing each one on a double point needle. Using crochet hook work 50 single crochet stitches (US slip stitch) around top of cradle, going through each stitch held on double point needle. Cut yarn, pulling it straight through loop on hook without a yarn over. Thread with wool needle. Finish off neatly with a chain stitch link to first stitch (forming a Lazy Daisy embroidery stitch). Weave in ends. Felt lightly by hand. Shape and dry. Place baby in cradle, adding autumn leaves.




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