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Gwyntiggeth Tingletree Faery Bear

Gwyntiggeth dwells in the Tingletrees, found only at Walpole, Western Australia.
Moonlight glistens upon the secret Tingle faery-folk, misting them with merriment and joy. 25cm/10” high. Our wee one wears a pure silk knitted lace skirt, mohair veil, pure wool felt elfin hat and a Rosealyn crystal necklace.


1 skein Blue Sky Alpacas Melange 100% baby alpaca in Candy Pink.
Crochet hook size 3.00mm/C/11.
Crochet hook size 3.25mm/D/110.
Knitting needles size 3.25mm/3/10.
Rowan Kidsilk Haze 70% kid mohair 30% silk in Shade 597 olive.
Glass eyes (6mm with wire shanks) in rose.
Small piece petal pink pure wool felt for hands and soles.
Gutermann Sulky 100% cotton silk 02776 thread for handsewing.
Fine, soft pure wool filling.
ColourStreams pure silk thread in Antique Rose (15 metres skein), (this is approximately number 8 in crochet thread).
Crochet hook size 1.50mm/7/2.5.
Steel double point knitting needles size 1.50mm/000/15.
Violet pure silk ribbon (½ metre) 3mm wide for apron.
Olive green felt for bonnet.
Olive embroidery thread/floss to match felt.
Olive cotton thread for sewing bonnet to head.
Embroidery thread/floss in rose for mouth.
Swarovski faceted crystals in Rosealyn for necklace (15 in packet).
2 glass pink pearls for ankles.
Note: Australian double crochet/US single crochet. Instructions written in Australian English. Please check abbreviations. Glass eyes, crystals, glass pearls and mohair are not suitable for children. For a baby's bear make from organic cotton yarn omitting details.


Cast on/off: US Bind on/off.
Treble: US double crochet.
Double crochet: US single crochet.
Circle cast on: Often used in Irish Crochet and circular lace knitting. Leaving tail, wrap yarn around left two fingers (clockwise) in a loop. Insert hook under loop, yarn over and pull through. Yarn over and pull through again. First stitch formed. Repeat for required number of double crochet/US single crochet into circle. After completing a round the tail is gently tightened, closing the circle. A regular chain beginning may be used instead. For other projects (as in a doiley/doyley), a padded centre is made by wrapping yarn a few times around fingers or pencil, then working crochet around the thickness.

Gwyntiggeth Exploring


Commence work at back of head. Circle cast on or chain 8; join with a slip stitch to first chain.
Round 1: Chain 1, work 8 dc into ring; join to first dc.
Round 2: chain 1, work 2 dc in each dc, join to first dc.
Round 3: Chain 1 *dc in first dc, 2 dc into next dc*; repeat from around, join to first dc (24 dc).
Rounds 4-11: Chain 1, dc in each dc around; join to first dc.
Round 12: (nose) Chain 1 *draw up loop in each of next 2 dc, yo, draw through all loops on hook* around; join to first dec (12 dc around.
Rounds 13-17: Chain 1, dc in each dc around; join to first dc.
Round 18: repeat round 12; join to first dc; fasten off (6 dc).
Weave in ends. Fill head and nose with pure wool. Shape with fingers, forming expression. Cut circle of felt for nose and sew on with Sulky cotton. Attach eyes with double Sulky thread, testing expression first.


Circle or chain 10 join with a sl st to form a ring.
Round 1: Chain 1, work 15 dc into ring. Join with a slip stitch.
Round 2: Chain 1, dc around. Join.
Round 3: Chain 1, 2 dc into each dc. Join. (30sts)
Rounds 4-12: Chain 1, dc around.
Round 13: Chain 1, 7dc, inc, 6dc, inc, inc, 6dc, inc, 7dc (34 sts)
Rounds 14-18: Chain 1, dc around.
Round 19: Chain 1, 9 dc (dec 1, dc1) twice, dc 2, 2 dc (dc1, dec 1) twice, 9 dc (30 sts).
Rounds 20-21: Chain 1, dc around.
Weave in ends.


Circle or chain 15.
Round 1: Work 15 dc into circle (15 dc).
Rounds 2-9: Chain 1, dc around, joining with a slip stitch.
Round 10: chain 1, (1 dc, invisible decrease, 1 dc) 3 times, 1 invisible decrease. Join. (11 sts)
Rounds 11-16: Chain 1, dc around.
Weave small hole between legs. Fill and shape with pure wool.


Circle or chain 8. Dc in second chain, dc in next 5 chains. To form toe work 4 dc into last chain. Continue down other side of chain (inserting hook into unworked loops of chains), dc in next 6 chain. Join with slip stitch (16 sts).
Round 2: Ch 1, 9 dc, 2 dc in next 2 dc, 9 dc. Join (22 sts).
Round 4: Work dc around.
Round 5: Work dc around.
Round 6: Cn 1, 8 dc, invisible dec 3 times over 6 dc, 8 dc. Join (19 sts).
Round 7: Ch 1, 7 dc, dec 1, 1 dc, dec 1, 7 dc (17 sts).
Round 8: Ch 1, 7 dc, invisible decrease over 3 dc by inserting hook into front loop of next dc, drawing up a loop, (repeat for next 2 dc) yarn over, pull through all 3. (15 sts).
Cut yarn, leaving a length for sewing to ankle. Fill with pure wool, shaping into a ballet slipper form. Slip stitch to leg using attached yarn. Cut out felt soles from template. With silky cotton sew soles to foot. Sew a glass pearl to each instep.


Circle or chain 12. 12 dc into ring, join with a slip stitch, chain 1. Work 12 rounds, joining and commencing with chain 1.
Round 13: (dc, dec, dc) 3 times, dec (9 sts).
Rounds 14-15: Work dc around.
Fill and shape with pure wool. Cut circle of felt the size of a thimble. With pink silky cotton sew pad to wrist, gently adding a little more filling. Shape arm with fingers and sew to body using main yarn at side centre, 6 dc rows down from neck.


Chain 8. Chain 1, dc into each chain (8 dc). Chain 1, increase 1, dc to last 2, decrease.
Chain 1, dec across (7 dc). Cut end, pull through last loop. Weave in ends. Make another, working decrease and increase on opposite sides. Felt ears and push into shape, with pointed ends on outer sides. Sew to head in desired position.


Using pure silk and 1.50mm hook chain 12. Remove hook from last loop and place on knitting needle. Pick up and knit 11 sts along chain through bumps on back (total 12 stitches on needle). Work 1 pattern of Belima Lace.


Belima Lace


Row 1: Slip 1, (yo, k2 tog) three times, k3, yo twice, k2 tog.
Row 2: K2, p1 into yo2, k10.
Row 3: Slip 1, k5, yo, k2tog, k5.
Row 4: Knit.
Row 5: Slip 1, (yo, k2 tog) twice, k2, yo, k2 tog, k2, yo twice, k2 tog.
Row 6: K2, p1 into yo2, k11.
Row 7: Slip 1, k7, yo, k2 tog, k4.
Row 8: Knit.
Row 9: Slip 1, (yo, k2 tog) twice, k4, yo, k2 tog, k1, yo twice, k2 tog.
Row 10: K2 into yo2, p1, k12.
Row 11: Slip 1, k9, yo, k2 tog, k3.
Row 12: Cast off 3 sts, k11 (12 sts).
Repeat row 1. Cast off in the same tension as the crochet cast on. Do not cut silk.
Turn work so right side is facing and edge is uppermost. Crochet trebles/US dc along top of apron. Finish ends carefully. Weave silk ribbon through treble spaces. Tie ribbon into bow at back.


Cut bonnet pattern from green felt. Sew seam, right sides together, with embroidery thread (floss). Turn to right side. Fill lightly with wool filling, shaping to pattern.
Arrange on head and pin. Sew to head with green cotton thread.


Cut two small circles of pink felt (about 1cm). Fold in half and snip with small sharp scissors in centre. Push shank of eye through this hole. Place glass head pins to mark the place where you want the eyes positioned. Attach eyes with Sulky thread doubled, going through eye shank, felt circle and head twice. Finish off securely.


Form mouth by embroidering two chain stitch petals (one for each side), lifting upwards at outer corners, with rose thread/floss. Begin at centre of mouth. Work one chain to the right, take needle down and come out at centre again. Make another chain petal. Finish off invisibly.


Using Kid Mohair and 3.25mm hook, chain 45 very loosely. Place last loop on 3.25mm knitting needle. Pick up and knit a stitch through the back bump of each chain (46 sts). Knit one row.
Row 1: Knit 1, *yarn round needle twice knit 1* repeat to end.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 for 15cm/6”. Cast off very loosely.

Crystal Necklace

Thread 15 faceted crystals onto matching crochet thread or fine silk ribbon. Place around neck, pulling up into a tight circle. Tie securely. Crystals and glass beads or necklace not suitable for children.

Gwyntiggeth Passion Flower


gwyntiggeth Resting


gwyntiggeth Pattern Small

Adjust pattern to suit.



Blue Sky Alpaca Silk 50% Alpaca 50% Silk, 50g, 5-Ply 3.25 mm needles. Shown in Silk Quartz.

Silk Quartz


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