Jupiter Poppet Free Pattern



Copy template (adding a 1cm seam allowance) and pin over linen fabric doubled. You will have two arms and one body shape. Sew around using a short stitch and leaving open a turning gap at the side of body. Overcast raw edges. Turn. Repeat with arms. Fill gently with pure wool stuffing, herbs and a Jupiter prosperity spell. Sew openings closed with tiny stitches. Add adornments (necklace, bracelet) and paint face if desired. A charming poppet for under your pillow.






Twixt Talisman Bag

Knit Twixt Talisman Bag to any size using fine to thick wool and various needles. Strand lighter weight yarn together and work as one thickness. Complex colour patterns and bead knitting can be worked for the front panel. Button undoes to slip bag onto your belt or pouch.

Twixt Talisman Bag Free Pattern


12ply (chunky) wool (odd balls for this project)
Short pair 4.00mm (US 6, UK 8) needles
Crochet hook 4.00mm (US G/6, UK 8)
Few metres 8ply (US worsted UK double knitting) black wool for drawstring
Crochet hook 2.50mm (US approx. C/2, UK 12)
Glass pony beads (10)
Button, about 1cm/" (clay, bone, leather, porcelain, shell, crochet, glass)
Small shells with needle-size hole in them
Pure silk cut in a 29cm (approx 11") circle


Beginning at top, cast on 17 sts and work in stocking stitch for 10cms (4") ending with a wrong side row.
Next Row: K2tog, k13, K2tog.
Next Row: Purl.
Nest Row: K2tog, K11, K2TOG.
Next Row: P2tog, P9, P2tog.
Next Row: K2tog, K7, K2tog (9sts)

Cast off rather loosely. With 4.00mm hook double crochet (US sc)  around entire edge of panels having equal number of dc on both. Finish all ends securely. A few extra rounds of dc can be added to the top of bag if you want more depth or a firmer edge. Glass beads may crocheted in as well on the final round.




With 4.00mm hook chain for 60cm or to your required length. Double crochet for 3 rows. Attach strap to bag as you work by dc along next row for 4cm/2" then work dc through edge of bag together with strap all around. Repeat for other side of bag and end off row. Sew button to short strap (I reinforced the end of strap with a square of cotton). There's no need to make a buttonhole as the button will usually just push through the crochet fabric. You can omit the button and just join the strap into a circle but the opening allows you to hang it off your belt.


Mark center of silk circle. Wrong side uppermost, fold in half and iron. Place on table, folded edge uppermost. Make darts by measuring 3cm down from folded top and 8cm from outer edge in. Draw line to these two points. Make a set of darts, one on left, one on right of circle. Sew; ending off threads by hand (do not backstitch silk). Fold silk in half the other way and make another set of darts. In between a set of lower edge darts make one last set (6 darts altogether). Sew a line around edge 1cm/" in, and press lightly on wrong side. Tack/baste. Wrong sides together, slip lining into bag and sew to very top edge of bag with tiny, close stitches stretching bag to fit as you go.

Using 2.50mm crochet hook and black wool chain 6. Put hook through pony bead and complete a chain. Repeat this for the next 4 beads chaining about 3-6 in between beads. Chain for another 35cm, or length wanted for drawcord, then with large blunt needle weave chain in and out of the double crochet at top of bag. Repeat bead placement in reverse, ending off with 6 chains. Cut ends and weave in invisibly. Sew shells to the attached tube at bottom of bag. Make sure you use pure silk for the lining (preferred energies to synthetics for keeping your talisman, amulet, crystal or stones in). You can personalize the bag further with symbols and ornaments (astrological signs, bones, feathers, miniature mirrors, leather, found objects) or use it as a spells pouch. Drop in a teensy weensy coin purse (I made one in crochet silk with a crystal button closure).


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