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Hedge Witch Candle Mat ~ Vintage knitting pattern PDF. We live between realms.

Merry Knit Yarns ~ New at The Old Yarn store ~ Iceyarn shipped to your door internationally.

Strange Easter Egg ~ 1933 Children's Story

Southern Equinox: An Autumn Crabapple Elf Poem From Green Pipes, 1929

The Lavender Seller's Fortune ~ Poverty to Prosperty. How did she do it?

The Lavender Seller's Bag ~ Knitting Pattern ~ Whimsical Pixie Style with Dangle in Iris Wool

Moon Scrying ~ Madness and Joy

A Dash of Bushrangers

Flower Water Scrying ~ A Secret from 1899

A Message of Great Importance roduction to Conscious Evolution by Alois Swoboda (1921)

Goddesses of the Sapphire Fae and Ruby Temple

Sagittarius & Crystal Dew

Ghostly Voices ~ Haunted Words of Love

Brains ~ Article from 1889. Proof That the Brain is not the Mind

Sherlock Holmes Reveals ~ A Scoop on Jack

New Page of HD Images Australian Bush ~ Mystical Ethereal Flowers

Mystical Ethereal Flowers

Crinoline SweetheartsBeauty Rose & Nile Green Vintage Bed Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Orla Knitted Nature Journal/Diary Cover

Mariposa Knitted Antique Head-Piece/Scarf

A Rose-Jar Spell ~ Send Forth Your Charms

Thedy Sue ~ Hitchock's Thriller Romance. Make a Gold Satin "Mother Dear" Cushion

Bejewelled Ring Spell Bell ~ Magickal Crochet Bell with a Catalyst.

The Same Old Things ~ A Shortbread Shortie on the things we forget to love

Success Through the Strength of Vibration: Nature’s Chorus By Mrs. L. Dow Balliett (1907)

Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration By Mrs. L. Dow Balliett (1917)

The Personal Atmosphere by Frank Channing Haddock (1920)

The Taboo Hour ~ A Writer's Secret

Chalice of Love Oracle Cards ~ by Dianthe Bells

Veil Lifting Oracle Cards ~ by Dianthe Bells

Rapturous Tales ~ Nature's Spirits For You to Behold

Mind Reading ~ Training Your Mind by a Famous Stage Magician

Wild Roses ~ My Boy Lover

Egg-White Scrying

A Man You Meet ... is He in Your Cards?

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley ~ Mary Pickford Silent Movie at the Old Yarn's Crackled Flickers

Marilyn Free Crochet Pattern for Vintage Boudoir Doll

Magnestised Milk Use your own magnetic force for vibrant milk

Multiplying Your Power by Robert Collier (1930)

Jupiter Poppet & Twixt Talisman Bag Free Knitting/Sewing Patterns

Beryle Free Vintage Knitting Pattern Doll 17" Chest Complete Set

Thought Forms by Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater (1905)

A Fortune in Pennies ~ 3 Articles on Vintage Money-Making ~ Violet Culture

Orders for Underwear and Magnetic and Mysterious Handkerchief

Elf Wool Felt Pouches, Offyd and Seren, for children in the woods ~ See Also Gwiddonod 

Writing Victorian Swoon

Eggs Under Cover~ Free Vintage Crochet Egg Cosies ~ Sunday Morning Happiness

Vintage Scrapbooks ~ Hidden Cash

Dollys Woollies Free Vintage Knitting Pattern ~ 3 Sets


Crystal Sphere Clairvoyant Scrying

Tea Leaf Readings with Smokey Russian Caravan Leaves ~ 19th Century Camel Caravans to Russia

Free Knitting Vintage Patterns

Ghosts ~ Spirits ~ Hauntings ~ The Mind is Master 

The Occult ~ Ancient Secrets about Man

Ghostly Stories ~ Old  Spirit Photography ~ Vibrations

Vintage Hobbies for Cash

Old Doll Knitting Patterns ~ Knitting for Pleasure

Cottage Hedge Witch and Old Ways

Charms & Spells & Thought Forms 

Mysteries & Thrills

Chilling Noir Movie Moments

Crackled Flickers ~ Silent and Early Films ~ Sweep through the Foyer

Depression Days and Cheerful Economies