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Free Knitting/Crochet/Craft Patterns & Snippets 

Web of Sorcery ~ Wool Cottage Skirt Free Knitting Pattern

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls ~ Free PDF Dolls 14 Inches Tall

Knook Coaster Free ePattern ~ Free ePattern

3 Perfumed Anointing Light Oils Sale! ~ Rose Of Sharon, Myrrh, Frankincense and Cinnamon, Lily of the Valley

The Victorian Infants Layette ~ Antique Baby Style

Cnaf Cauldron Free Crochet Pattern ~ Cnaf (Welsh For Knave)

Knitted Veils ~ A Note On Veils Plus A Pattern For Faery Lace

Bramble Pin Cushion Free Knitting Pattern ~ Pattern In Striped Bramble Stitch

The Cosmic Song ~ The Golden Fountain... He Becomes At Last A Singer & A Poet

Thyself Haunted Bluebell Sachet ~ A Parlour Crochet Pattern Concocted for Your Boudoir Pleasure

Fyfa ~ Autumn Faery Cradle  Knitted In Tweed Wol With Forest Edging

Gwyntiggeth ~ Tingletree Faery Bear Crocheted In  Marshmallow Alpaca

Because It's Free ~ Old Black & White Movie Reminds Us Of Nature's Free Gems

Pussy Play Apron (1933) ~ Pussy Cat Child's Weeding Play Apron

Rapturous Tales ~ A Teaspoon Of Joy

Fairies by Gertrude M. Faulding (1913) ~ Read On My Website

The Lavender Seller's Fortune
Poverty to Prosperty. How did she do it? Victorian Story

Hedge Witch Candle Mat ~ Vintage Knitting Pattern. We Live Between Realms

Merry Knit Yarns ~ New At The Old Yarn store ~ Iceyarn Shipped To Your Door Iinternationally

Strange Easter Egg ~ 1933 Children's Story

Southern Equinox: An Autumn Crabapple Elf Poem From Green Pipes, 1929

The Lavender Seller's Bag ~ Whimsical Pixie Style with Dangle, Knitted In Iris Wool

Moon Scrying ~ Madness and Joy

A Dash of Bushrangers

Flower Water Scrying ~ A Secret from 1899

A Message of Great Importance ~ Introduction to Conscious Evolution By Alois Swoboda (1921)

Goddesses of the Sapphire Fae and Ruby Temple

Sagittarius & Crystal Dew

Ghostly Voices ~ Haunted Words of Love

Brains ~ Article from 1889. Proof That the Brain is not the Mind

Sherlock Holmes Reveals ~ A Scoop on Jack

New Page of HD Images Australian Bush ~ Mystical Ethereal Flowers

Mystical Ethereal Flowers

Crinoline SweetheartsBeauty Rose & Nile Green Vintage Bed Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Orla ~ Knitted Nature Journal/Diary Cover

Mariposa ~ Knitted Antique Head-Piece/Scarf

A Rose-Jar Spell ~ Send Forth Your Charms

Thedy Sue ~ Hitchock's Thriller Romance. Make A Gold Satin "Mother Dear" Cushion

Bejewelled Ring Spell Bell ~ Magickal Crochet Bell With A Catalyst.

The Same Old Things ~ A Shortbread Shortie On The Things We Forget To Kove

Success Through the Strength of Vibration: Nature‚Äôs Chorus ~ By Mrs. L. Dow Balliett (1907)

Day of Wisdom According to Number Vibration ~ By Mrs. L. Dow Balliett (1917)

The Personal Atmosphere ~ by Frank Channing Haddock (1920)

The Taboo Hour ~ A Writer's Secret

Chalice of Love Oracle Cards ~ By Dianthe Bells

Veil Lifting Oracle Cards ~ By Dianthe Bells

Rapturous Tales ~ Nature's Spirits For You To Behold

Mind Reading ~ Training Your Mind By A Famous Stage Magician

Wild Roses ~ My Boy Lover

Egg-White Scrying

A Man You Meet ... Is He In Your Cards?

Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley ~ Mary Pickford Silent Movie At The Old Yarn's Crackled Flickers

Marilyn ~ Free Crochet Pattern For Vintage Boudoir Doll

Magnestised Milk ~ Use Your Own Magnetic Force For Vibrant Milk

Multiplying Your Power ~ By Robert Collier (1930)

Jupiter Poppet & Twixt Talisman Bag ~ Sew A Linen Poppet & Knit A Secrets Bag

Beryle ~ Complete Set. Vintage Knitting Pattern Doll 17" Chest

Thought Forms ~ By Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater (1905)

A Fortune in Pennies ~ 3 Articles On Vintage Money-Making ~ Violet Culture

Orders for Underwear And Magneticm Mysterious Handkerchief

Elf Wool Felt Pouches, Offyd and Seren, For Children In The Woods ~ See Also Gwiddonod 

Writing Victorian Swoon

Eggs Under Cover~ Free Vintage Crochet Egg Cosies ~ Sunday Morning Happiness

Vintage Scrapbooks ~ Hidden Cash

Dollys Woollies ~ Free Vintage Knitting Pattern ~ 3 Sets


Crystal Sphere Clairvoyant Scrying

Tea Leaf Readings with Smokey Russian Caravan Leaves ~ 19th Century Camel Caravans to Russia

Free Knitting Vintage Patterns

Ghosts ~ Spirits ~ Hauntings ~ The Mind is Master 

The Occult ~ Ancient Secrets about Man

Ghostly Stories ~ Old  Spirit Photography ~ Vibrations

Vintage Hobbies for Cash

Old Doll Knitting Patterns ~ Knitting for Pleasure

Cottage Hedge Witch and Old Ways

Charms & Spells & Thought Forms 

Mysteries & Thrills

Chilling Noir Movie Moments

Crackled Flickers ~ Silent and Early Films ~ Sweep through the Foyer

Depression Days and Cheerful Economies