Magnetic and Mysterious Handkerchief

by George Thomas Watkins (1916)


The same is diffused sweetly and stimulates and reciprocates the affections and makes love irresistible. If you offer the odour of this exquisite perfumed handkerchief to a young lady of your acquaintance she will become attracted with deep affections toward you; if accepted as a present, a mysterious force will compel her to love you unconsciously, keeping always the affection because of the sensational perfume. It can be sent, together with full instructions, for the sum of $1.25. 

Can you imagine a lovelorn swain waving that love inspiring bit of silk in mysterious, magnetic circles about the head of his heart’s desire and watchfully waiting for its Oriental power to develop a dollar and a quarter’s worth of limitless affection! If you can imagine that you would have bought the mystic handkerchief.


Note: It is an old custom to embroider and bless (via various prayers or magick) these love handkerchiefs for the bride. Victorian English handkerchiefs were often carried by a finger-holder, usually a golden ring with a chain. Secret charms and coded love messages can be seen on antique jewellery and May Day gifts. Some are haunted by the thought forms of one who bestows such intensity of mind.

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