Orders for Underwear

underwear-vintage-icon Women in different parts of the country are making either pin money or their entire living taking orders for stockings and underwear. One such woman works only in the afternoon. She plans to call at a number of different homes usually taking a single street, so that she does not have too much walking.

She carries her samples with her and as these are of excellent quality and reasonably priced, she is s sure to make a good afternoon’s pay. She has many customers whom she calls on season after season and who wait for her and her goods because they give such excellent satisfaction. She keeps a book of all regular customers with dates of when she called last, and is due the next time. From time to time she has worked in a few new articles, such as a special brand of silk under skirt or some toilette accessory.

Another woman who does this work advertised in the leading paper of her town giving her address and telephone number. She asks that anyone interested in seeing her line of goods, will either telephone or drop her a postal card making a definite appointment. By this means she saves time and rarely makes a call without making sales. She earns her entire living and she has no rent to pay and is able to handle the work.

Still another woman who o represents underwear and hosiery concerns, does so without leaving her home, for she has small children. In one room neatly arranged for the purpose, her samples are displayed, plainly marked with the prices. She wins her customers in three ways: First, she advertises in the papers, telling briefly of the excellent wearing qualities and other desirable features of the goods she offers. She specializes in out—size garments and hosiery for large women. Next, she has prepared twice a year a good sales letter which she sends out direct by mail to a carefully selected list of customers both in town and in the surrounding countries. She carries a card regularly in the street car passing her door, for she argues that people on that line will be more likely to get off and to come in to see what she has, than if they have to go a distance.