Orla Knitted Nature Journal Cover

Orla (Knitted Slipcover For Nature Journal)

Designed by Dianthe Bells


50g balls 8ply pure wool (project used Nundle in Mustard, Cummin and Rhubarb)

4.00mm needles

4.00mm crochet hook

Washed cotton lining fabric in Basil

Cotton thread to match lining

Finer wool (in main colour) for seaming cover

Wool needle

Journal measurements (adjust to your own journal size)


(Photograph unavailable). With mustard cast on 72 stitches or number required for your project. Work repeats of Houndstooth Pattern 1 or 2, using Rhubarb for the Houndstooth and Cummin for the background.

Houndstooth Pattern 1:

Multiple of 4
Cast on in color A (Cummin)

Row 1: With A K1, with B K1 (with A K3, with B K1) across to last 2 sts, with A K2.
Row 2: (With B P3, with A P1) across.
Row 3: (With B K3, with A K1) across.
Row 4: With A P1, with B P1, (with A P3, with B P1) across to last 2 sts, with A P2.

Repeat 4 row pattern until front cover width is reached.

Houndstooth Pattern 2:

Multiple of 3
Cast on in color A (Cummin)

Row 1 (RS): Using color A, K1, *sl 1, K2; rep from * to last 2 sts, sl1, K1.
Row 2: Using color A, Purl.
Row 3: Using color B, *sl 1, K2; rep from * to end.
Row 4: Using color B, Purl.

Repeat 4 row pattern until front cover width is reached.

Using Rhubarb work in stocking stitch for 10 rows or width of spine. Continue back cover in stripes, dots or plain (Speckle pattern used in project).

Speckle Stitch:

Row 1: 1 Mustard 3 Rhubarb.

Row 2: Rhubarb.

Row 3: Rhubarb.

Row 4: Rhubarb.

Row 5: 2 Rhubarb, 1 Cummin, *3 Rhubarb, 1 Cummin* to last stitch, 1 Rhubarb.

Continue in this 5 row pattern.

Project worked Speckle Stitch 3 times then 6 rows Mustard, 4 rows Cummin, one row of 1 Cummin x 1 Mustard,  4 rows Cummin, one row of 1 Cummin x 1 Mustard, 4 rows Cummin. Continue to required width with Mustard.

Weave in all ends. Handwash. Dry flat, pinning out to measured shape.

Lay cover wrong side up on table. Measure knitted piece to determine measurements for lining, adding seam allowances. Right side of lining fabric is placed on the wrong side of knitting. You will require one long piece of fabric to cover width of area, folding over so that you have a left and right side flap for slipping the jounal cover into. Cut out lining. Overcast right around raw edge. Press under seam allowances. Finish side edges (where journal slips in) with a hem or binding. Pin, tack (baste) and slipstich lining all around the edge of knitted cover, one stitch below top edge (edge will be crocheted later).

Using Cummin and 4.00mm crochet hook, work dc (US sc) around cover. Finish ends. Place journal into slipcover. Ties may be added or a twig with loop.