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Rosebud Egg Cosy


Original uses Berlin Wool and a bone crochet hook. Model used 4ply pure wool and a 3.00mm hook


(Long Treble Crochet)Yarn over hook three times before drawing it through the stitch, thus having five loops on the needle. Draw the yarn through two at a time, until all are taken off. This will require four movements.


Three shades of pink, yellow, or any colour which is preferred for the part of the cosy representing the corolla of the flower and two shades of green for the calyx and stem. Any of our correspondents who wish, may, to save delay in waiting their turn for the few loan patterns which are available, have a cosy done in any tints selected on sending 1s. in stamps. This may then be retained as part of the set, as wool to match can be sent with it. The cosy is worked as follows:

4 chain: Join in round.

Round 1:  (lightest shade): 7 double crochet.

Round 2: Into each stitch work 5 long treble. Take out the hook, put it into the first treble, then into the last, and join so as to form a little lump. 1 chain: There must be 7 groups of treble in this row.

Round 3: (second shade): 12 groups.

Round 4: 14 groups.

Round 5: (darkest shade): Same as 4th.

Round 6: 15 groups.

For the green leaves forming the calyx make 10 chain, on one side work 1 single, 1 double, 2 treble 1 long treble (worked by putting the thread twice over the needle), 2 treble, 1 double, 1 single. Repeat on the other side. Join to cosy at each point and finish with a loop at the top.


Published in The Queenslander Newspaper, Saturday 5 November 1887



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