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~ A Serene Nook of Yesterday That Dwells Upon the Sea ~

   Free Vintage Cottage Knitting Patterns:
Infants Layettes
Childrens Sets, Cardigans and Jumpers
Old style toys
Guernseys, Watch Caps, Socks
Cottage Shawls
Lace Knitting for Parlour and Bedroom
Practical Kitchen Items
Depression and Economy Knitting and Tips

Yarn skeins, balls and cakes for sale from my wicker basket from time to time.
Blacker Yarns ~ Mill Located at Cornwall UK
Genuine Donegal Irish Tweed
Traditional 100% Wool Yarn Styled for Cottage Hand Knitting

Wendy Fisherman's Guernsey Wool ~ 5ply Pure British Wool Made in England

British Sheep Breeds:
Black Welsh Mountain Border Leicester
Boreray/Soay blend
Castlemilk Moorit
Manx Loaghtan
Norfolk Horn
North Ronaldsay
Welsh Mule


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Guernsey Pure Wool in Stock ~ Big 100gr Balls ~ Antique Old Salt Feel

guernsey old man

Guernsey by Wendy UK 5ply Shades: Aran Cream, Atlantic Blue, Navy, Crimson $7.50 per 100gr Ball

guernsey cream  wendy-guernsey-atlantic-blue
wendy-guernsey-wool-navy  guernsey red

guernsey red crimson

guernsey patterns

All Paterns $5.40 + $2.50 Postage (Australia)


"The Story of the White Violets"

A dainty Victorian children's fairytale of purity and forgiveness from "Brownies and Rose-leaves"
by Roma White, 1892. Edited by Dawn D. Jones.
A moonlight party excites the naughty violets into wakefulness, and the Fairy Queen
delights fairyland in her wondrous gown. Poem "A Charm of Roses" adds a sweet ending.
Antique images of children in fanciful studio photography poses and dreamy portraits.

PDF Download $1.99

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