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Dimity Pudding Doll Dress

Dimity Vintage Doll Dress Free Knitting Pattern 

Designed by Dianthe Bells  (Australia)

A coy little pudding style dress in Luna blue for a 1930s dolly. Easy to knit in dimpled eyelet garter stitch. Cream edging is knitted along the completed dress hem by picking up the cast on stitches.

1 ball Bella Baby Sugar 4ply 100% wool in Luna

1/2 ball Bella Baby Sugar 4ply 100% wool in Cream

3.00mm/2-3/11 knitting needles

3.00mm /D/10 crochet hook

Fine wool needle

Pure silk ribbon 3-5mm/¼ inch wide in cream

Cream cotton hand sewing thread and fine needle


Fits a 10-12 inch doll. Width 7 inches/8cm. Shoulder to hem 6 inches/5cm. Upper chest before eyelets 3½ inches/9cm. Change yarn and needles for other sizes.


0 (yarn forward between needles)

Dress Front and Back

Take the end of Luna and wind into a tiny ball of yarn for seaming before casting on stitches. Secure ball with slip loop over itself. It will dangle freely as you work. Leave a short length from ball before casting on. Cable cast on 48 stitches. Right side facing, complete 5 pattern repeats of Dimity Eyelets:

Dimity Eyelets

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Knit.

Row 3: *K6, 0, K2tog* repeat across row.

Row 4: Knit.

Row 5: Knit.

Row 6: Knit.

Row 7: K2 *0, K2tog, K6* repeat across row, ending with K4.

Row 8: Knit.

Shape Bodice

Next row: K2 tog across row (24 sts).

Knit 1 row plain.

Eyelet row for ribbon: *K3, 0, K2tog* repeat across row, ending K4.

Knit 1 row plain.

Knit plain for 6 rows.


Knit 7 sts for first shoulder, cast off 10 sts for neck, knit 7 stitches for other shoulder. Place first 7 sts on scrap yarn, to be worked later. Knit 7 shoulder stitches on needle.

Right side facing now, knit 8 rows on these 7 sts. Cut yarn, placing stitches on scrap yarn. Remove scrap yarn from other shoulder stitches, placing stitches on needle. Wrong side facing, join yarn and knit 8 rows. Cut yarn, placing stitches on scrap yarn. Work back of dress, but leave length of yarn at each shoulder for seaming.

Back and Front Shoulder Seams

With right sides facing, join shoulders with a 3-needle bind off, or graft stitches.

Dress Edging

With right sides facing upwards and on table, sew left side seam of dress by weaving (lacing) each garter stitch row exactly side by side (match bumps to bumps).

With Cream wool knit edging on dress hem. Begin with right side facing (dress is upside down). Pick up and knit 97 stitches from open right seam across.

Dimity Edging (Multiple of 6+7)

Row 1: Knit 1, 0, K1, Knit 3 together, K1 *0, K1, 0, K1, Knit 3 together, K1* across row, 0, K1.

Row 2: Purl.

Row 3: Knit 1, 0, K1, Knit 3 together, K1 *0, K1, 0, K1, Knit 3 together, K1* across row, 0, K1.

Row 4: Purl.

Row 5: Knit.

Row 6: Knit.

Row 7: Slip 1, *K1, 0 twice, K2tog* repeat across row to end.

Row 8: Knit across, knitting into first yarn over and dropping the second yarn over.

Cast off lightly. Cut yarn and pull through last loop on needle, threading onto wool needle. Weave end chain to beginning chain by forming a lazy daisy chain from last stitch to first (needle under first chain from right to left, then passing down through centre of last chain). This makes an invisible join. On right side, seam edging lace as for side seam of dress. With Luna, continue the seam.


Double crochet (US single crochet) around neckline with Cream. Weave in all ends of yarn using a fine wool needle. Hand wash dress using few drops organic laundry liquid. Rinse thoroughly. Dry flat on tea-towel, shaping as it dries. Edging will ease out slightly after washing.

Weave silk ribbon through eyelets in hem edging, starting at left side. Tie ends into bow. For bodice eyelets begin threading the silk ribbon at centre front, around and back to start. Under the armholes (as there is no eyelet positioned there) take a small stitch over the side seam keeping it level with the other eyelets. Make a tiny bow.

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