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Brefry Teapot Handle

Brefry Teapot Handle Cover Free Knitting Pattern

Victorian teapot handle cover made from scrap yarn.


One pair steel knitting needles size 1.00mm

One pair sizes 1.50mm and 2.25mm

Small amounts 3ply pure wool and similar weight crochet silk

Note: Any wool and needles may be used to suit your teapot. These instructions are for a straight-handled, 2 cup teapot. If your teapot has a curved style handle, you will need to tie the cover on with ribbon. This is a whimsical article, a fancy of the antique tea table.


With size 1.00mm needles and the purse silk cast on thirty-six stitches, and knit backwards and forwards for six rows.

7th Row: With wool, and 1.50mm needles knit, knitting two together at each sixth stitch.

8th Row: Purl without decrease, repeat the 7th and 8th rows alternately twice more.

13th Row: With wool, and 2.25mm needles, work one row, increasing by putting the wool forward before every sixth stitch.

14th Row: Purl.

15th Row: Like 13th row.

16th Row: Purl.

With the same needles work in patent knitting for 5 inches (see next row).

Patent Knitting: wool forward, slip one, knit two together throughout; every row is the same.

Now work the second end as directed for the first, but decreasing by taking two together in the rows corresponding with the 13th and 15th. Work the purl rows between as in the 14th and 16th rows.

Now with wool and 1.50mm needles work the rows corresponding with those from twelve to eight, with this exception: you increase in the same proportion as you decreased, so as to work the silk rows on thirty-six stitches with 1.00mm needles. Cast off.


Sew up the two sides 2 inches from each end, and draw the ends together by running wool through, and fastening off tightly 1 and 1/4  inch from the ends (see illustration), wrap this around with silk to make it neat. Work round the opening in double crochet with the silk.

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