Gloxinia Doll Bonnet

Gloxinia Bonnet Free Crochet Pattern

Designed by Dianthe Bells

Small quantity 4ply pure wool in Sugar Blue and Meringue Cream

(See Suggested Yarn at end of Post for Gloxinia and A Bonnet for Dolly)

Crochet hook UK 11/US 3/Metric 3.00mm

.50m/½ yard pure silk cream narrow ribbon

This is a free style design based on a circle at the back of the doll head and worked to fit by working rows in a straight line towards face.. Add a fluted row of trebles/dc to face. A lower neck frill is then crocheted directly onto lower edge (all in treble/dc).

Meringue Cream forms frills around the face according to taste. Tie silk ribbon in a swirly flip.


Argus (Melbourne, Victoria; Saturday 29th September 1934

To make a bonnet for your baby doll use four ply wool and No. 10 needles (US 3/Metric 3.25mm).

Cast on 80 stitches, and knit one inch in plain knitting.

Then knit four inches of moss stitch; that is, 1 plain and 1 purl, on one row, and 1 purl and 1 plain on the row returning.

Cast off 26 stitches at each end of the needle. That will leave 28 stitches.

Knit on these stitches in moss stitch until the narrow strip measures three inches. Knit 1 plain and 1 purl for one inch. Cast off.

Now sew each side of the narrow strip to where you first cast off (C being joined to D).

Crochet a narrow edge around the bonnet and sew on tie ribbons.

For these directions a Magpie Card is awarded to Barbara Foster, Ballendella, via Rochester.


Viking of Norway Baby Ull 100% wool 4ply in 31 colours


From The Lady’s Book of Knitting (1886) published in Boston.

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