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Rattle of Mirth

Rattle of Mirth Free Crochet Pattern

Celebrate by hanging a wall rattle.  Design made with Afghan/Tricot and requires the longer hook used for this method. Not suitable for a baby or young child.


½ hank each White, Pink and Blue (4 ply used double)

10 small golden jingle bells

1 x 6 inch golden ring

1 ½ yards ribbon each in Blue and Pink satin

Bone crochet hook UK 6/US H-8/ 5.00mm (8 inches long for Afghan/Tricot stitch)


Lang Merino Bebe 4ply 100% wool. Shown in 0372.


With one thread each Pink and White chain 106 stitches. Pick up 105 Afghan stitches *work off two Afghan stitches; chain 3 stitches and repeat from * to end of  row.

Pick up the upright stitches, care being taken to push the loop of chain forward which forms the knot.

Work a row of White and Blue and another of each of White and Pink and White and Blue.

Finish ends. Sew this strip around the ring and finish with ribbon and bells, as shown in the illustration.


ANNIE’S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Passionista Vest Knit Pattern

Shown in Berroco® Weekend™ DK Tearose


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