Marybell Hanger

Marybell Hanger

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

Christmas tree or wall hanging




3ozs 100% wool 8ply/DK  in Cream with soft, fluffy finish (a fine strand of mohair can be knit along with this for added appeal as a Christmas hanging doll)

2 skeins pearl embroidery

Knitting needles UK 9/US 5/Metric 3.75mm

Woolydown for filling (soft wool)

Cotton, a firm weave fabric for body in cream (see instructions)

Face 2 ½ inches, purchased or made from pure wool felt (glass eyes and painted mouth give a sparkling look to a hanging doll). Shape wet felt over a plastic doll face. When dry and stuffed it will fill out,

6 golden jingle bells

¼ yard narrow elastic (for hanging)

Small plastic ring (for hanging)

Wire brush


IceYarns Silk Merino DK Cream 35% Silk 65% Merino Wool. Shown in Cream



Always knit into back of each cast on stitch, also in to first and last stitch of every row.

Commence at lower edge of front, casting on 36 stitches.

Knit 4 rows garter-stitch.

Knit 28 rows stocking stitch.

33rd row: Cast on 15, knit to end.

34th row: Cast on 15, purl to end (66 stitches).

Knit 10 rows stocking-stitch.

45th row: Cast on 7, knit to end.

46th row: Cast on 7, purl to end (80 stitches).

Knit 2 rows stocking-stitch.

49th row: Knit 33. Slip these on to a piece of wool for left shoulder. Cast on 14, knit 33.

50th row: Purl.

Knit 2 rows stocking-stitch. Slip these stitches on to a piece of wool. Return to left shoulder, transfer stitches from wool to needle, point towards neck. Join on wool.

50th row: Purl

Knit 2 rows stocking-stitch.

53rd row: Knit 33. Cast on 14. Slip stitches from wool to free needle, knit 33. (80 stitches)

54th row: Purl

55th row: Cast off 7, knit to end

56th row Cast off 7, purl to end. (66 stitches)

Knit 10 rows stocking web.

67th row: Cast off 15, knit to end

68th row: Cast off 15. purl to end (36 stitches)

Knit 28 rows stocking stitch.

Knit 4 rows garter stitch. Cast off.


(back and front alike)

Commence at top, casting 24 stitches.

Knit 16 rows stocking stitches.

17th row: Knit 12. Slip these stitches on to a piece of wool, k 12

18th row Purl

Knit 28 rows stocking stitch.

* 47th row: K2 tog, knit until 2 remain. k2 together

48th row: Purl

49th row: Knit

50th row: K2 together, purl until 2 remain, k2 together

Knit 2 rows stocking stitch. Repeat front * once (4 stitches)

59th row: K2 tog., k2 together. Fasten off.


Commence at neck edge, casting on 30 stitches.

Knit 10 rows stocking stitch.

11th row: K.1, k2 into next stitch, knit until 2 remain, k2 into next stitch, k1

12th row: Purl

Knit 4 rows stocking stitch.

Repeat last 6 rows twice (36 stitches)

* 29th row: K1, k2 tog., knit until 3 remain, k2 tog., k1

30th row: Purl

31st row: Knit

32nd row: K1, p2 tog., purl until 3 remain, p2 tog., k1. Knit 2 rows stocking stitch. Repeat from * once, then repeat from 29th to 32nd row inclusive

45th row: Knit

46th row: K1, P2 together. * P 5 *2 together. Repeat from * twice (20 stitches) Cast off.


Pin out each piece and press on wrong side under a damp cloth with a hot iron. Brush each piece well on right side. Sew up side and leg seams Stuff lower part of each leg with wooly­down for about 2 inches and catch down to form feet and sew a tiny bell to each point.


Cut 2 pieces of material 6 ½ inches in length, 4 ½ inches wide at lower edge and shape off to 3 ½ inches at top. Join up sides and lower edge also about ½ an inch each side at top, then stuff very tightly with woolydown. Place the top part of legs over the lower part of body and sew, then catch along the top of each leg.

Sew up under-arm, sleeve and hand seams Stuff each little hand­piece, then catch round top to form wrist.

Using pearl embroidery work blanket-stitch round lower edge and neck. Sew a tiny bell to point of each sleeve.

Place the coat over the body then fix head in position and sew firmly. Fold down the decreased edge of hat and sew each side for 2 ½ inches. Using embroidery thread work blanket stitch round neck and face. Stuff each point and top of hat with woolydown then place in position on head and sew round neck and face. Sew a bell to each point of hat. Sew a piece of elastic with the bone ring to lop of hat.

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Spanish Baby Cape

Spanish Baby Cape Free Knitting Pattern



2 ozs of 2ply wool in Light Colour and 2 ozs in Medium Colour

Knitting needles UK 10/US 3/Metric 3.25 mm

Satin ribbon 1 inch/2.50mm wide


Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace 100% Merino Wool, Lace 2 Ply. Shown in Coral


8 stitches and 10 rows to one square inch on No. 10 needles


Using Light, cast on 4 stitches.

1st and 2nd rows: Knit

3rd row: K2, w.fwd, K2

4th and every alt. row: Knit

5th row: K2, w.fwd, K1, w.fwd, K2

7th row: K2, w.fwd, K3. w.fwd, K2

Continue in this manner until the row “K2, w.fwd, K143, w.fwd, K2” has been worked.

Next row: Knit

Change to Medium Colour and proceed as follows:

1st row: K2, w.fwd, K3 tog. through back of loop, K139, K3 tog., w.fwd, K2

2nd and every alt. row: Knit

3rd row: K2, w.fwd, K3 tog. through back of loop, K137, K3 tog., w.fwd, K2

5th row: K2, w.fwd, K3 tog. through back of loop, K135, K3 tog., w.fwd, K2

Continue in this manner until the row “K2, w.fwd, K3 tog. through back loop, K1, K3 tog., w.fwd, K2 has been worked

Next row: K

Next row: K2, w.fwd, K5tog. through back loop, w.fwd, K2

Next row: K

Next row: K1, K2 tog., w.fwd, K3 tog. K1

21st row: K4, (w.fwd, K2 tog.) 3 times, K3, K2 tog. (w.fwd, K2 tog.) 4 times, K1

22nd row: K8, P5, K10

23rd row: K5, (w.fwd., K2tog.) 3 times, K3, K2 tog. (w.fwd. K2 tog.) 3 times, K1

24th row: K6, P5, K11

25th row: K4, (w.fwd., K2tog.) 4 times, K3, (K2 tog., w.fwd) twice, K2 tog., K1

26th row: K4, P5, K12

27th row: K4, P5, K12

27th row: K5, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 4 times, K3, K2 tog., w.fwd., K2 tog., K1

28th row: K4, P5, K11

Work rows 1 to 28 incl. 16 times more.

Next row: K

Next row: K1, K2 tog., K1 (4 sts.)

Cast off.


Using Light Colour, cast on 20 stitches.

Knit 1 row

Proceed in lace pattern as follows:


1st row: K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 4 times, K4, w.fwd., K2 tog., w.fwd., K2

2nd row: K6, P5, K10

3rd row: K5, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 3 times, K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) twice, w.fwd., K2

4th row: K8, P5, K9

5th row: K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 3 times, K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 3 times, w.fwd., K2

6th row: K10, P5, K8

7th row: K5, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) twice, K4, (w.fwd., K2tog.) 4 times, w.fwd., K2

8th row: K12, P5, K7

9th row: K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) twice, K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 5 times. W.fwd., K2

10th row: K14, P5, K6

11th row: K5, w.fwd., K2 tog. K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 6 times, w.fwd., K2

12th row: K16, P5, K5

13th row: K4, w.fwd., K2og., K4, (w.fwd. K2 tog.) 7 times, w.fwd., K2

14th row: K16, P5, P6

15th row: K5, w.fwd., K2 tog., K3, K2 tog., (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 7 times, K1

16th row: K14, P5, K7

17th row: K4, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) twice, K3, K2 tog., (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 6 times, K1

18th row: K12, P5, K8

19th row: K5, (w.fwd., K2 tog.) twice, K3, K2 tog., (w.fwd., K2 tog.) 5 times, K1

20th row: K10, P5, K9

Cast off. Work another Border in Medium Colour.


Block each piece by pinning out round edges. Press each piece very lightly usung a warm iron and damp cloth.

Using a flat seam join scalloped edges of Borders. Fold centre piece in half through colour division and stitch Border pieces on to matching half of centre, easing in fullness at point. Join ends of Border. Catch stitch double edges of centre inside faggot stitched Border. Tie ribbon through faggot stitched Border at ends of wrap half an inch from edge.


Rattle of Mirth

Rattle of Mirth Free Crochet Pattern

Celebrate by hanging a wall rattle.  Design made with Afghan/Tricot and requires the longer hook used for this method. Not suitable for a baby or young child.


½ hank each White, Pink and Blue (4 ply used double)

10 small golden jingle bells

1 x 6 inch golden ring

1 ½ yards ribbon each in Blue and Pink satin

Bone crochet hook UK 6/US H-8/ 5.00mm (8 inches long for Afghan/Tricot stitch)


Lang Merino Bebe 4ply 100% wool. Shown in 0372.


With one thread each Pink and White chain 106 stitches. Pick up 105 Afghan stitches *work off two Afghan stitches; chain 3 stitches and repeat from * to end of  row.

Pick up the upright stitches, care being taken to push the loop of chain forward which forms the knot.

Work a row of White and Blue and another of each of White and Pink and White and Blue.

Finish ends. Sew this strip around the ring and finish with ribbon and bells, as shown in the illustration.


ANNIE’S SIGNATURE DESIGNS: Passionista Vest Knit Pattern

Shown in Berroco® Weekend™ DK Tearose