Wispy Veil

Wispy Veil in Hiawatha Lace ~ Vintage Free Knitting Pattern

A Wisp of Lace ~ Fragile Sorcery

Hiawatha Lace was a vintage 100% rayon yarn, thin with a slubbed finish. The wispy appearance of course depends upon using a fine, uneven silk, linen or cotton.

Hiawatha Metallic Art thread may be easily substituted or omitted.


Hiawatha Lace Yarn Art 72, 2 Spools

Hiawatha Metallic Thread Art 95, 1 Tube

1 Pair Knitting Needles UK 10/US 3/Metric 3.25mm

Steel Crochet Hook Old UK Steel 5/US 9/Metric 1.4mm

Gauge 5 stitches = 1 inch


Starting at narrow end, cast on 80 stitches very loosely. Work garter stitch (Knit each row) al­ways slipping first stitch on each row, until piece is about 48″ long. Bind off very loosely. Pin out and block to measure 16″ x 50″


Use double strand (one strand of lace yarn and one strand of metallic thread worked together).

Sc in corner *ch 3, sc in top of last sc picot made sc in each of next 3 sts. Repeat from * around, join and end off.


King Cole Cosmos 100% Acrylic  (3.25mm needles). Shown in Galactica.

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Shetland Faery Lace Baby

Matinee Coat and Bonnet of Exquisite Daintiness

Woven by the Faeries?
It could have been, but it is in fact hand knitted in delicate Lace Shetland Wool.


2 ozs Maygrove’s 2ply Lace Shetland Wool or 2 ozs  Maygrove’s  “Thistle Mist”

1 pair No. UK 12 Double Century Knitting Needles/US 2/Metric 2.75mm

Crochet Hook  No. UK 1/US 1/ Metric 2.75mm

3 Buttons

About 3/4 yard ribbon for Bonnet

To Fit a Baby from Birth to 4 months


Sirdar Snuggly 100% Merino 4 Ply (shown in Powder) ~ Needles 3.25mm – 3.25mm

“Spun from pure natural fibres, the light-weight 4-ply yarn is breathable and gentle on delicate skin.”


K = Knit. P = Purl. M.l. = make 1. S.l.= Slip 1. P.S.S.O.= Pass slip stitch over. Tog. = Together. Patt. = pattern. St. = Stitch.


The Matinee Coat is worked in one piece commencing at the lower edge of back.

Cast on 93 sts and work in pattern as follows:

Row 1: K.l, K.2 tog., * M l, K.3, M.l, K. twice into the next st. M.l, K.3, M.l, S.l, K2 tog., P.S.S.O., rep. from * ending the last rep. with S.l, K.l, P.S.S.O., K.l, instead of S.1, K.2 tog., P.S.S.O. (120 stitches). *

2nd and Alternate Rows. Purl.

Row 3: K.1, K.2 tog., * M.l, K.3 toe., M.l, K.2 tog., M l, S.l, K.1, P.S.S.O., M.l, S.2, K.l, P.S.S.O. (both sts.), M.l, S.l, K.2 tog., P.S.S.O., rep. from * ending last rep. with S.l., K.l., P.S.S.O., K.l., instead of S.l., K.2 tog., P.S.S.O. (93 stitches).

Row 5: K.4, * K.2 tog., M.l, K.l, M.l, S.1

K.l, P.S.S.O., K.5, rep. from * ending the last rep. with K.4, instead of K.5.

Row 7: K.3, * K.2 tog., M.l, K.3, M.l, S.1

K.l, P.S.S.O., K.3, rep. from * to end.

Row 9: K.1, K.3 tog., * M.l, K.l, M.l, K.3, M.1, K.1, M.1, S.2, K.1, P.S.S.O., S. the K.l, back on to left hand needle and pass the first and second sts. from the left hand needle over the K.l, now slip the st. back on to right hand needle. Rep. from * to the last 9 sts. M.l, K.1, M.l, K.3, M.l, K.l, M.l, S.2, K.l, P.S.S.O., K.l.

Row 11: K.2, * K.2 tog., M.l, K.l, M.l, S.l, K.2 tog., P.S.S.O., M.l, K.1, M.l, S.l, K.1, P.S.S.O., K.1, rep. from * to the last st. K.1.

Row 12: Purl.

These 12 rows form the pattern repeat them 3 times more. Then work rows 1 to 11 inclu­sive. Cast on 50 sts. for sleeve.

Next Row: Work as 12th row of pattern across all sts. Cast on 50 stitches (193 sts). Continue in pattern across all sts. until there are 2 complete patterns from the cast on sts. Now work rows 1 to 3 inclusive.

Next Row: Purl 83 cast off 27 sts. P. to end of row. Working on these last 83 sts. complete the patt. then work rows 1 to 7 inclusive.

Cast on 20 sts. for right half of front (103 sts.) working across all sts. complete the patt. then work 2 more complete patts.

Cast off 50 sts. at the beg. of the next row. Work 5 complete patts. Cast off. Rejoin wool to neck edge of remaining 83 sts.

Commencing at the 5th row complete patt. then work rows 1 to 8 inclusive.

Cast on 20 sts. for left half of front. Complete the patt. then work 1 complete patt. now work rows 1 to 11 inclusive.

Cast off 50 sts. P. to end of row. Now work 5 complete patts. on these 53 sts. Cast off.


Press the work on the wrong side with a warm iron over a damp cloth. Sew up the sleeve and side seams. Using the Crochet hook work a picot edging all round edges of coat and edges of sleeves as follows:

* 5 chain 1 double crochet into base of chain 2 double crochet rep. from * all round.

The holes of the picot edge form the buttonholes. Commencing at neck of garment sew the buttons to front spacing them about 1 inch apart. Finally press all seams.


Cast on 33 sts. and work the 12 rows of patt. as given for coat 3 times, then work rows 1 to 11 inclusive. Cast on 30 sts. P. to end of row. Cast on 30 sts. (93 sts. on needle). Now work 2 complete patterns on these 93 sts. and then rows 1 to 11 inclusive and cast off.


Press the work on the wrong side with a warm iron over a damp cloth.

Sew the 30 cast on stitches along each side of the back. Using the crochet hook work a picot edging all round bonnet, drawing in slightly at back. Press the seams. Cut the ribbon in half and sew one piece to each side of bonnet.

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Gwyntiggeth dwells in the Tingletrees, found only at Walpole, Western Australia.
Moonlight glistens upon the secret Tingle faery-folk, misting them with merriment and joy. 25cm/10” high. Our wee one wears a pure silk knitted lace skirt, mohair veil, pure wool felt elfin bonnet and a Rosealyn crystal necklace.


1 skein Blue Sky Alpacas Melange 100% baby alpaca in Candy Pink.
Crochet hook size 3.00mm/C/11.
Crochet hook size 3.25mm/D/110.
Knitting needles size 3.25mm/3/10.
Rowan Kidsilk Haze 70% kid mohair 30% silk in Shade 597 olive.
Glass eyes (6mm with wire shanks) in rose.
Small piece petal pink pure wool felt for hands and soles.
Gutermann Sulky 100% cotton silk 02776 thread for handsewing.
Fine, soft pure wool filling.
ColourStreams pure silk thread in Antique Rose (15 metres skein), (this is approximately number 8 in crochet thread).
Crochet hook size 1.50mm/7/2.5.
Steel double point knitting needles size 1.50mm/000/15.
Violet pure silk ribbon (½ metre) 3mm wide for apron.
Olive green felt for bonnet.
Olive embroidery thread/floss to match felt.
Olive cotton thread for sewing bonnet to head.
Embroidery thread/floss in rose for mouth.
Swarovski faceted crystals in Rosealyn for necklace (15 in packet).
2 glass pink pearls for ankles.
Note: Australian double crochet/US single crochet. Instructions written in Australian English. Please check abbreviations. Glass eyes, crystals, glass pearls and mohair are not suitable for children. For a baby’s bear make from organic cotton yarn omitting details.


Blue Sky Alpaca Silk 50% Alpaca 50% Silk, 50g, 5-Ply 3.25 mm needles. Shown in Silk Quartz.

Gwyntiggeth Free Pattern