Shamrock Rose

Crochet Antique Bag Free Crochet Pattern


1 large skein Perle Cotton No. 5

Steel Crochet hook No. 2½/2.00mm/US 4

Crochet hook No. 7/.75mm/US 14

British English terms used:

s.c. = single crochet

d.c. = double crochet


Using the steel hook * chain 12 and join in a ring, repeat twice from *to form the foundation for the shamrock.

In the first ring made now put 1 s. c., 25 d. c., 1 s. c. and repeat in each ring.

Second round: beginning again with the first ring, make 1 s. c. in each stitch all around the three leaves of the shamrock. Fasten off and draw the centre of shamrock up with the end of thread.

First picot round: make 1 s. c. in the sixth stitch of one of the leaves, chain 7, catch back in second chain to form picot, chain 8, catch back in third chain to form another picot, chain 2, thus forming one set of picots, skip 4 stitches on leaf, catch with s. c. in next stitch. Make another set of picots, as directed, skip 4 stitches and catch down with s. c. Continue in this way making a set of picots and catching down until 4 s. c. stitches have been caught down in each of the first two leaves. On the third leaf of the shamrock fewer stitches must be skipped, so that an extra set of picots can be made and caught down, five times in all.

Second picot round: 1 set of picots, catch in centre between the 2 picots of preceding round, chain 8 snugly, catch in next centre, turn the work and in the chain 8 just made, make 16 s. c., chain 3 and turn, 15 d. c. 011 the 16 s. c. just made, chain 3 and catch down in same space. * 1 set of picots, catch in centre between next two picots, 1 set of picots, catch in next centre, chain 8 snugly, catch in next centre, turn, 16 s. c., chain 3 and turn, 15 d. c., chain 3, catch down as before and repeat from * twice.

Third round: 1 set of picots, catch in centre between the 2 picots of preceding round and continue as the twelfth round was made, excepting that the picots are caught in the third, middle and thirteenth stitches of petals. (Three times.)

Repeat the second and third rounds until there are four petals in each corner. There will be more picots between the petals on each round.

Fasten off.

This completes the back of the bag.

The front of the bag consists of four motifs joined together. Make two of them with the shamrock in the centre, following the directions given for the back of bag, up to and including third round of picots; then fasten off.

Rose motif: chain 6 and join in a ring.

Second round: chain 5. * 1 d. c. in the ring. ch. 2 and repeat from * 4 times: join to third chain of the chain 5 at beginning of the round, with a slip stitch, thus forming six spaces.

Third round: turn, 1 s. c., 4 d. c., 1 s. c., all in the first space, repeat in each space of round, chain 3, turn work and catch around first spoke of second round with a slip stitch.

Fourth round: chain 5, catch around next spoke and repeat all around. Turn.

Fifth round: 1 s. c., 8 d. c., 1 s. c., in first space and repeat all around, chain 3 and turn.

Sixth round: catch around first spoke of fourth round with a slip stitch, chain 7 and catch around next spoke and repeat all around, turn work.

Seventh round: 1 s. c., 12 d. c., 1 s. c. in each space all around.

Eighth round: make sets of picots as before, catching in fourth and tenth stitches of each petal of rose.

Next make two rounds as directed for the second and third picot rounds of shamrock motif and fasten off.

Join the motifs with a single row of picots caught alternately in the centres of picots of the two motifs.

Join the front and back of bag in same manner.

Border around the top.

First round: make 1 s. c. in centre of some picot space, * chain 6 and catch in centre of next space with 1 s. c. and repeat from * all around.


The ribbon holes are next to be made; chain 5, * 1 d. c., chain 2, skip 2 chains and repeat all around.

Make another round of ribbon holes, putting the d. c. in the spaces of proceeding round.

Then a round of picots caught down in alternate spaces. Fasten off.

Then make a round as the first round of top was made, working from the wrong side.

Turn: make 7 s. c. in chain just made, 1 s. c. in s. c. and repeat all around.

Turn; chain 8 and catch down in the s. c. of previous round and repeat all around.

Turn: * 5 s. c. in chain just made, chain 3 and catch back to form picot, 5 s. c. in chain, 1 s. c. in s. c. and repeat from * all around.

Balls: chain 4 and join in a ring. Make 8 s. c. in the ring. Do not join, as the balls are worked around and around, both threads of the stitch being taken up.

Next round: put 2 s. c. in each stitch of proceeding round.

Make four more rounds of 16 s. c., then two rounds skipping every third stitch on each round.

Fill with cotton and make a final round skipping every other stitch.

Draw up with 1 s. c., chain 10 and fasten off.

Make seventeen more balls in same manner. Fasten two balls on each corner of bag, two in centre of lower edge, two in centre of each rose and two on each of the slip balls on Cordelier. Join then into pairs by catching the third stitch of the chain of second ball through the chain of the first ball, then finish chain and fasten off.

Make Cordelier as follows: make a chain five yards long, or longer if an extra length Cordeliere is desired. Turn, skip the chain next to the needle and make 1 s. c. in each succeeding chain until the work measures 16 inches; then, without breaking thread, make another chain, long enough to reach within 16 in. of the beginning of the first chain made.

Make 1 s. c. in each chain to the end, thus forming two ends to be run through the ribbon holes, with two long chains between.

Now, with No. 7 needle, crochet a chain beginning at the end of one s. c. strip and ending at the other s. c. strip, using the two lengths of chain as one thread.

Slip balls: chain 6 and join in a ring. 10 s. c. in the ring.

Second round: 2 s. c. in each stitch.

Make five more rounds of 20 s. c., followed by 2 rounds skipping every third stitch.

Fasten off, but leave a long end of thread.

Slip ball on Cordeliere, and after running the end of cord through the ribbon holes and fastening it firmly, slip ball over the joining, fill with cotton wool and draw up the thread left.

Fasten the two balls to the slip ball.

Silver Feefee Christmas Lace

Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

Twinkling vintage lace for your tree faery or garland.







Fine silver yarn
Knitting needles to correspond


Cast on 11 stitches.

First row: Slip 1, pass two stitches over first stitch on left-hand needle, knit 3, yarn over needle twice, knit 5.

Second row: knit 1 purl 1  knit 1 all into first stitch, *pass two stitches over first stitch on left-hand needle, knit 3, yarn over needle twice, knit 5.*

Third row: As first row except knit 7 at the last.

Fourth row: knit two together, cast off one, * to * as in second row.

Repeat 4 rows for pattern to required length. Cast off.

Miss Viola

Miss Viola Edging Free Antique Crochet Pattern

Easy, quick and effective Granny edging for boudoir pillows, parlour cushions, swaying petticoats, lampshades, handkerchiefs and coverlets. Work in silks, cotton perle or wool in hook to correspond.


Make a chain of 12 stitches.

First row: 4 dc in the fifth chain from the hook, skip 2 chain stitches, 4 dc in the eighth chain stitch, skip two chain stitches, 3 dc in the last 3 chain stitches, chain 2, 1 dc in the same stitch  of last dc just made, chain 2, turn.

Second row: 4 dc in the space of 2 chain stitches of previous row, chain 2, 3 dc in the next space, chain 2, 4 dc in the middle of 4 dc of previous row, 4 dc in the next 4 dc in previous row, 1 dc in the last space, chain 3, turn.

Third Row: Work shell of 4 dc in shell of last row (there will always be 2 shells throughout the work), chain 2, 3 dc in the space, 3 dc in the next space, chain 2, 1 dc in the same space, chain 2, turn.

On every other row there will be a space more. Continue until there are 5 spaces; chain 2, turn, shell of 5 dc in every space, fasten with a slip stitch in the middle of the 3 dc, then 3 dc, chain 2, shell on shell, chain 3, turn, shell on shell, chain 2, 3 dc in the space, chain 2, 1 dc in the same stitch of last dc just made, chain 2, turn, and repeat from second row.


DMC Petra Crochet Cotton Perle No. 5 100% Cotton, 100g (3.5oz). Shown in 53837

Yarn Stories Merino 4 Ply 100% Wool, 50g (1.75oz), 4-Ply. Shown in Lilac.


Gingie Pouch Antique Free Crochet Pattern

…for carrying extra money or jewels when travelling



1 x large ball Crochet Perle No. 5

1 Bone Crochet Hook No. 1


1st row: Chain 45, turn

2nd row: Sc in each stitch, turn

3rd row: Chain 1, 1 sc, taking up back of stitch, 1 sc in next stitch, taking up front of stitch; continue to end of row.

Make 69 rows.

Double over to desired size and finish off with a shell of 4 dc, making 2 sc between the shells.

For closure sew on a large vanilla pearl button (or amber jewel) and crochet a loop to size. Sides are whip-stitched down as you wish the depth to be.

If desired the bag may be lined with silk, making it even more practical for the purpose for which it is intended.

Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran

100% Acrylic
Needles 5.00mm Crochet Hooks 5.00mm
Ball Weight 100g


IceYarns Gumball 4 x 100g balls $5.99 Orange, White, Lilac

100% Premium Acrylic. Needle Size UK 8/3.5 – 4 mm/ US 4 – 6

Noon Tide

Noon Tide ~ The Exotic Lingerie Scarf

Free Antique Crochet Pattern



10 x 1 oz. Balls Golden Fleece Ice in Cream White (used double)

1 x 6-inch Bone Crochet Hook UK 6/US H-8/Metric 5.00mm


NOTE: This scarf is worked in the length; two balls of wool being used together at the same time. Sg. C. means single crochet (Double crochet UK).

Single Crochet (Double crochet UK): Insert the hook in the stitch, wrap the wool over the hook, draw through, wrap the wool over again and draw through both loops on the hook.

Make a chain of 337 stitches; turn; work 1 Sg. C. in the 12th stitch of chain; * chain 7 stitches; fasten with a Sg. C. in the 5th stitch of chain, and repeat from * to end of chain. Work two more rows of loops of 7 chain each, fastening each loop with a Sg. C. in the centre of loop in preceding row.

4th Row: Chain 6 stitches; * wool over the hook; insert the hook in the centre of loop of chain in preceding row; wool over and draw up a loop; wool over the hook; insert the hook in the same stitch, draw up another loop; wrap the wool over the hook, and draw through all the stitches on the hook; chain 4 stitches and repeat from * to end of row.

5th Row: Chain 7 stitches; fasten with a Sg. C. in the top of the figure 8 formed in preceding row. Repeat to end of row.

Work 2 more rows of loops. Then 1 row like the 4th row; 3 rows of loops; 1 row like 4th row; 6 rows of loops; 1 row of 1 crazy stitch in every loop of preceding row; 3 rows of loops. This is half of the scarf work, the other half to correspond; working back in the order named, work a row of 45 loops of 5 chain each across the end of scarf; then work 9 points for fringe as follows; turn; work 5 loops of 5 chain each; turn; work 4 loops; turn; work 3 loops; turn; work 2 loops, then 1 loop.

This forms one point at the end of which the fringe is fastened. Finish the other end to correspond. Work a row of crazy stitch down the side of scarf, then a row of loops around the edge of points at the end; a row of crazy stitch on other side, and a row of loops around edge of points at this end of scarf. Finish with a knotted fringe eight inches long at the end of each point as seen in the illustration.


Make a chain the length required; work 3 D. C.(Treble Crochet UK) in the third stitch of chain; make 1 Sg. C. in the third stitch .from the D. C. to fasten the shell in place. Make a chain of 3 stitches; then 3 D. C. in the same stitch with the Sg. C, and fasten the shell as before in the third stitch from shell. Continue to end of chain. Turn the work; * make a chain of 3 stitches; make 3 D. C. in the last Sg. C. made in the first row; fasten the shell with a Sg. C. in the loop formed by the chain of 3 in the preceding row. Repeat from * to end of row.


Plymouth Anne 100% smooth cotton shown in Off White


IceYarns Flamenco

Shown in Silver Mint Green Scarf Yarn
Price for lot: Was $12.99 Now $1.99 / 4 Items


Secret Hand Mirror

Secret Hand Mirror Adornment Free Crochet Pattern


American Thread Aunt Lydias Heavy Rug Yarn: 1 x 70 yard skein each White and Pink
(Originally 50% Rayon/50% Cotton, then nylon was used in the blend. See suggested yarn at end of post.)

Plastic Crochet Hook Size US H-8/UK 8/Metric 3.75 to 4.00mm

1 Hand Mirror 6 ¼ inches in diameter

Scrap of Black Felt


With White ch 2, 6 s c in 2nd st from hook, do not join this or following rounds. Place a marker at beg of each round.

2nd Round: 2 s c in each s c.

3rd Round: * 1 s c in next s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around.

4th ROUND: * 1 s c in each of the next 2 s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around.

5th ROUND: * 1 s c in each of the next 3 s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around.

6th to 10th Rounds: Continue in same manner having 1 more st between each increase in each row (60 sts).

11th ROUND: 1 s c in each s c, cut yarn.


With wrong side of work facing, attach Pink in any s c of the 10th round, and working over s c of 11th round, work 1 double loop st in each s c (double loop st: insert hook in st, winding yarn clock wise, wind yarn twice around index finger, insert hook from left to right through loops on finger, pick up both loops and pull through st, drop loops from finger, yo and pull through all loops on hook). Cut yarn.


Attach Pink in any 5 and work 1 s c in each of the next 52 sl leaving 8 sts free for handle, ch 1, turn

2nd ROW: 1 s c in each s c, cut yarn


With Pink, ch 2, 8 s c in 15 st of ch, do not join this or following rounds. Place a marker at beg of each round.

Next Two Rounds: 1 s c in each s c cut yarn, leaving a length. Fill slightly with cotton and draw sts tog at top. At tach yarn at top and ch 6, fasten to cover cut yarn.


Wind Pink 25 times over a 1 inch ruler. Stitch across top, slip off ruler and stitch in place to front as illustrated.


Finish face as illustrated in felt. Lace a length of yarn through last row of back facing, place cover on mirror, draw tog and tie. Tie strands of yarn in bow as illustrated.


Patons Merino Extrafine DK 100% Virgin Wool 4.00mm crochet hook. Shown in Pale Pink.

Cobweb Stole

Cobweb Stole Vintage Knitting Pattern


5 ozs Patons Beehive Fingering 2ply Patonised in white

A pair No. UK 9 Beehive needles

A No 12 crochet hook


 Length excluding fringe, 60 inches; width, 19 inches


 7 ½ stitches and 9 ½ rows to an inch


Cast on 119 stitches.

1st row: right side facing, k.1, *(k.2 tog., w1. fwd.) twice, k.1, wl. fwd., (k.2 tog.) twice, k.2, w1. fwd, k.2 tog., w1. fwd.; repeat from * to last stitch, k. 1

2nd row: Purl

3rd row: k.1, * (w1. fwd., k.2 tog.) twice, w1. fwd., k.2, (k.2 tog.) twice, w1. fwd., k.1, w1.fwd., k.2 tog.; repeat from *to last stitch, K. 1

4th row: Purl

These four rows form the pattern.

Continue in pattern until work measures 60 inches or required length.

Fringe: Cut remaining wool into 6 inch lengths; take 4 strands at a time, fold in half and knot through edge of knitting as shown in photograph across two short ends of stole.

Press only very lightly.

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To veil or not to veil? If so, there’s length and style to ponder over, so whether you’re Renaissance or Miss June Bride,…

Read about knitted veils on my other blog.

Cockleshell Butterfly Bow

Cockleshell Butterfly Lace Bow Free Vintage Knitting Pattern



1 Ball (20 gram) Coats Mercer-Crochet No. 60

1 pair Milwards Phantom Knit­ting Pins No. UK 14/US 0/Metric 2.00mm

1 Milwards Super Archer Steel Crochet Hook No. UK 5/US 9/Metric 1.4mm


1 pattern = 1 inch when stretched


k = knit; p=purl; s= slip; tog= together; ot = over thread; st =stitch; dc=double crochet


Cast on 22 stitches loosely.

1st Row: S 1, k 5, * ot twice, p 2 tog, repeat from * 4 times more, ot twice, k 6

2nd Row: S 1, k 6, * p 1, k 2, repeat from * 4 times more, p 1, k 6

3rd Row: S 1, k to end of row

4th Row: As 3rd row

5th Row: S 1, k 5, ot twice, p 2 tog, k 13, p 2 tog, ot twice, k 6

6th Row: S 1. k 6, p 1, k 16, p 1, k 6

7th Row: As 3rd row

8th Row: As 3rd row

9th Row: S 1, k 5, * ot twice, p 2 tog, repeat from * once more, k 11, * p 2 tog, ot twice, repeat from last * once more, k 6

10th Row: S 1, k 6, p 1, k 2, p 1, k 14. p 1, k 2, p 1, k 6

11th Row: As 3rd row

12th Row: S 1, k 10, * ot twice, k 1, repeat from * 13 times more, k 10

13th Row: S 1, k 5, * ot twice, p 2 tog, repeat from * once more, ot twice, p the next 15 k sts tog, dropping the ot’s between each st, * ot twice, p 2 tog, repeat from last * once more, ot twice, k 6

Repeat from 2nd row, 10 times more

Repeat 2nd row once more

Cast off loosely.


Join thread to end of foundation row, and work a row of Solomon’s knots.

To make a Solomon’s knot, * draw out loop equal in length to 3 ch, thread over hook and pull through loop ; work a dc in single loop, repeat from * once more, miss 2 ridges, 1 dc into next, repeat from first * along the side, and across top, missing 3 cast off stitches across top. Work other side to correspond. Break off thread. Work the other half of bow in the same way.


Cast on 9 stitches.

1st Row: K

Repeat first row 35 times more. Break off thread.

Wash, starch, and stretch until each piece measures 11¼ inches x 3 ½ inches and tabs 2 inches x ¾ inches.


Join the two pieces of knitting by whipping the two cast on rows together. Draw up in centre and fold to form bow. Stitch in position. Place tab round centre of bow and stitch it back.

The bow can be fastened in place with a safety pin behind, or a few light stitches. It washes perfectly and should be starched.

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Wispy Veil

Wispy Veil in Hiawatha Lace ~ Vintage Free Knitting Pattern

A Wisp of Lace ~ Fragile Sorcery

Hiawatha Lace was a vintage 100% rayon yarn, thin with a slubbed finish. The wispy appearance of course depends upon using a fine, uneven silk, linen or cotton.

Hiawatha Metallic Art thread may be easily substituted or omitted.


Hiawatha Lace Yarn Art 72, 2 Spools

Hiawatha Metallic Thread Art 95, 1 Tube

1 Pair Knitting Needles UK 10/US 3/Metric 3.25mm

Steel Crochet Hook Old UK Steel 5/US 9/Metric 1.4mm

Gauge 5 stitches = 1 inch


Starting at narrow end, cast on 80 stitches very loosely. Work garter stitch (Knit each row) al­ways slipping first stitch on each row, until piece is about 48″ long. Bind off very loosely. Pin out and block to measure 16″ x 50″


Use double strand (one strand of lace yarn and one strand of metallic thread worked together).

Sc in corner *ch 3, sc in top of last sc picot made sc in each of next 3 sts. Repeat from * around, join and end off.


King Cole Cosmos 100% Acrylic  (3.25mm needles). Shown in Galactica.

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Sonnet Camisole

Sonnet Knitted Camisole Free Pattern

Knitted camisole with satin ribbon straps, back facing and smart lower hem finish. Crochet edging around neckline and underarms. Flower bouquets pattern on upper section. Small photo only available and this does not show the unusual and feminine lace flowers. Size 42 inch bust.


4 balls Shepherd Classic pure wool shade 0307 buttercup (4ply weight)

Pair 3.25mm needles (US 3 UK 10)

Circular needles 3.00mm (US 2 UK 11)

Ribbon for straps (1″ – 2.5cm wide pale yellow or peach satin)

Ribbon for front eyelet threading (5mm – 1/4″ wide)

Crochet hook 3.00mm (US D/3 UK 10)


Width across stocking stitch 48″ before seaming. Fits 42″ – 44″ bust.

Underarm to lower edge 101/2″ – 26.5cm finished measurement.


6 stitches to the inch over stocking stitch.


0 (yarn over needle as in yard forward)

Note: Always cast off and decrease in the pattern stitch.

Cast on 145 stitches and work stocking stitch for 44 rows. Begin flower pattern and complete 5 sets of the pattern.


Row 1: Purl

Row 2: Knit

Row 3: P7 *(P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, K1) into next stitch, P12 repeat, ending with P7.

Row 4: K7 *P6, K12* repeat, ending with K7.

Row 5: P7 *K6, P12* repeat, ending with P7.

Row 6: K7 *P6, K12* repeat, ending with K7.

Row 7: P1 (P2TOG) twice, P2, *K2, 0, K2, 0, K2, P2, (P2TOG) 4 times, P2* repeat, ending with (P2TOG) twice, P1.

Row 8: K5 *P8, K8* repeat, ending with K5.

Row 9: P1 (P2TOG) twice *(K2TOG, 0, K1, 0) twice, K2TOG, (P2TOG) 4 times* repeat to last 5 stitches, (P2TOG) twice, P1.

Row 10: K3 *P9, K4* repeat, ending with K3.


Purl next row. Keeping pattern on central 5 flower pattern repeats only and working reverse stocking st on other stitches, cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 8 rows (113 sts). Note: Row 7 begins P2, P2TOG twice, 5 flowers, P2, P2TOG twice. Row 9 begins P2TOG twice and ends P2TOG twice.

Next row (row 10 of pattern) cast off 2 sts, work 52 sts, K2TOG (leave remaining sts on spare needle).

Cast off 2 sts, work 52 sts in reverse stocking stitch, P2TOG.

Row 1: Cast off 2 sts, rev st/st to last 2 sts, K2TOG.

Row 2: Cast off 2 sts, work to last 2 sts, P2TOG.

Repeat last two rows until 6 sts left. Cast off.

Join wool to centre and knit across (this is row 10 of pattern).

Row 1: Cast off 2 sts, rev. st/st to last 2 sts, K2TOG.

Row 2: Cast off 2 sts, work to last 2 sts, P2TOG.

Repeat last two rows until 6 sts left. Cast off.


Cast on 145 stitches and work in stocking stitch for 94 rows. Begin back facing – purl next row for foldline. Starting with a purl row, stocking stitch 4 rows and cast off purlways. Finish ends. Mist lightly with water and pin out on ironing board, straightening edges and folding under the facing. Leave to dry. Tack down back facing and sew with matching buttonhole thread. Using mattress stitch sew side seams carefully, joining row to row and taking in two stitches each side. (4sts taken up in seam)


Right side facing, pick up and knit 286 sts with circular needles, going under both loops of the cable cast on. Knit 7 rounds. Cast off. Pin, dampen and sew as for back facing. The foldline is the pick up row.


With crochet hook, begin at right back (rs facing) and slip stitch around entire top, working across the back by crocheting into every second stitch through the upper chain loop. Continue around the front, picking up each stitch on the very edge. (This will be fairly tight to pick up). After reaching starting point continue across back with double crochet (US single crochet). Change to this pattern stitch when you reach the front:

2 chain, miss one, 1 slip st into next st (repeat around, working firmly).

Cut 2 pieces of pale yellow ribbon, sew ends under 5mm (1/4″), attaching one at underarm seam on right side of work. Thread ribbon from side seam to center front with a large tapestry needle. The ends meet here and tie in a bow. Sew straps at front position, turning ends under 5mm. Try on and sew back strap down as needed. Soft lingerie elastic can be inserted into the back channel for a snug fit.

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