Eye of Odin Viking Neck Rope

Eye of Odin Viking Knitted Neck Rope

Designed by Dianthe Bells (Australia)

Odin has his eye upon all. Yet look closely and you shall see not one eye, but two holes and a third below. Are these two crimson rays and a mouth drawn down into a berserk shriek? We hope so!

Eye of Odin Neck Rope

14ply Viking style pure wool 1 x 100g ball in storm-burst grey. This is a slightly flecked, matte finish wool without a firm twist appearance. Coarser wool with goat hairs is ideal for an ancient scarf.

6.5mm short needles (child’s plastic ones)

6.5mm crochet hook

Yfwd (bring yarn forward between needles, ready for next knit stitch – insert needle to knit, bringing yarn up and over to complete)

Yrn (yarn wraps around needle from front to back, returning to purl position again)

P2tog-b (purl two stitches together through back of work, needle entering from left to right)

Yo (the yarn-over loop from the previous yfwd/yrn which forms the eyelet)


Australian English terms used.

Cast on 8 stitches using crochet chain method:

With crochet hook, chain 8. Remove hook, inserting needle into loop of last chain. Turn chain over. Beginning with second chain after hook, pick up and knit into each bump that lies on the back of each chain (8 stitches on needle).

Purl one row.

Commence pattern:

Row 1 (Right Side): Knit.

Row 2 P2, p2tog-b, yrn, p2tog p2.

Row 3 K3, *(k1, p1) into the yo of previous row, k3.

Row 4 Purl.

Row 5 *K2tog, yfwd, ssk; rep from *.

Row 6 P1, *(k1, p1) into the yo of previous row, p2, (k1, p1) into the yo of previous row, p1.

Knit until you can make 3 hoops around your neck comfortably (about 72”/183cm).

End last repeat after row 6. Knit one row. Cast off in purl. Sew cast on edge to cast off edge. Weave in ends.

Attach silver stag emblem brooch.

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