Rosebud Angora

Angora Rosebud Cap Free Crochet Pattern

Delectable cap for a large antique baby doll. Design must be worked in Angora rabbit yarn to attain the look.


3 ounce balls Three Rabbits Angora wool

1 amber crochet hook US D/3/UK 10/3.25mm

Satin ribbon, narrow for rosebuds and wide for bow


Bergere de France Angora 70% Angora 30% Merino Wool DK | Light Worsted. Shown in Rose. This sumptuous blend of 70% Angora rabbit and 30% merino wool is an absolute fluffy delight.


Work rather loosely. US crochet instructions.

Chain 3 and join in a ring. Make six single crochet stitches (6 sc) in the ring. Do not join as the work is done around and around both threads of stitch of previous round being taken up throughout the work.

Second round: 2 sc in each stitch

Third round: 2 sc each in first stitch, 1 sc in each of the next two stitches and repeat all around

Fourth round: 2 sc in first stitch 1 sc in each of the next 4 stitches and repeat all around

Continue working, increasing just enough to keep the work perfectly flat, until the crown is four inches in diameter. For a larger size this diameter must be increased. There are 12 rounds in the model cap. At the end of last round, turn and work back for 10 stitches (about 2 inches) to form the neck rows. Turn, skip one stitch, 1 sc in next and repeat from 5 stitches on neck. Put one more sc in last stitch then work around crown to the other end of the neck rows, putting 1 sc in each stitch of previous round. Turn. Work back and forth to form front of cap without widening for 24 rows, in all, being careful to make first and last 23 stitches of each row rather tighter than the rest so that the neck of cap is kept a good shape.

There are 56 stitches on these rows on the model cap, which measure 12 inches from end to end.

The front should now be the desired depth, if not add more rows.

Border: ch. 3, 1 sc in first stitch of front, chain 3, skip 3 and repeat from all around front and neck, skipping fewer stitches at corners, to prevent capping.

Final round: 1 sc in space, chain 3, 1 sc in same space and repeat from all around.

Final row of front: 19 sc, 1 sc through the next two stitches taken together, 3 sc, narrow as before, 4 sc, narrow, 3 sc, narrow, 19 sc. Chain 3, turn and work a row of ribbon holes across neck part, as follows: skip 2 rows, 1 dc in the end of next row, ch 1 and repeat from all across, skipping one stitch on bottom of crown.

Border: ch 3, 1 s. c. in first stitch of front, chain 3, skip 3 and repeat from all around front and neck, skipping fewer stitches at corners, to prevent capping.

Final round: 1 sc in space, chain 3, one sc in same space and repeat from all around.

Make ribbon ties and rosebuds from satin ribbon.

Rosebud Bear Baby ePattern $5.99

Liletta Doll Angora Stole

Liletta Fashion Doll Knitted Angora Stole


Modern Barbie steps out into the night; a starlet in her vintage style Angora “fur” stole.  In sweet coconut-ice colours of pink and white, the stole is finished with a lining of pure silk and cascades of pearls.

Designed by Dianthe Bells of The Old Yarn


Small balls Angora rabbit in white and pale pink (5ply thickness)

Pair short knitting needles US 0/UK 14/Metric 2.00mm

White pure silk for lining

Matching pure silk thread

Glass pearls and pink glass diamonds (optional)

Finished size 17.5cm x 4cm


With white Angora cast on 62 sts and work ten-row pattern:

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: Knit

Row 4: Knit

Row 5: Purl

Row 6: Knit

Row 7: Purl

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Purl

Row 10: Purl

Cut white, join in pink and work another ten rows. Repeat white and pink section once more; do not cut pink (40 rows completed). Knit one row. Cast off firmly purlwise. Do not stretch stole but let curl naturally, as it will. Weave ends.

The cast off edge will curve around the neck. The cast on edge, which is slightly looser, will be the lower edge. For lining, draw outline of stole onto pattern tracing fabric (sheer type). Add seam allowance of 5mm. Turn under allowance to wrong side of silk and tack (baste). Press lightly under cloth. Slip stitch lining to stole, omitting the two short ends for now.

On each of these ends work edging: With white angora pick up and knit 36 stitches across these ends thus:

1 edge st, 4 sts on each rounded section (pink or white) only, 1 edge st.

Knit one row of K1, P1 rib.

Next row: K1, K2tog to end, K1.

Next row: K1, K2tog to end.

Cast off. Finish ends and slip stitch ends of lining down. Attach pearl beads across front draping in long strings (four of varying width). Pink diamonds may be dotted over the stole as an added highlight.