Isadora Doll Set

Isadora Doll Set Free Vintage Knitting Pattern

Dress, Coat, Bonnet, Vest, Panties and Bootees For Large Baby Doll

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4 ozs 3ply (fingering) wool for dress, coat, bonnet and bootees (original in Snow White)

2 ozs 3ply wool for vest and panties

Knitting Needles UK 10/US 3/Metric 3.25mm

Knitting Needles UK 12/US 2/Metric 2.75mm

Crochet hook size UK 12/US B/1/Metric 2.25mm

2 small pearlised buttons for the dress

3 medium buttons for the coat

2 small buttons for the vest

12 inches of elastic for the panties (30.48cm)

20 inches ribbon for the bonnet (50.80cm)

25 narrow ribbon for the bootees (63.50cm)


Underarm: 14 ½ inches (36.83 cm)

Length from top of shoulder: 9 ½ inches

Sleeve seam length: 1 ½ inches


Cascade 220 Fingering 100% Wool, 1.8oz. Shown in Mauve Orchid

Scheepjes Catona 25 gram 100% Cotton, 0.9oz Fingering. Shown in Chrystalline

Isadora Doll Set Free PDF

Almondine Doll Petticoat

Almondine Doll Petticoat 9 Piece Set Part 4 of 9

Free Knitting Pattern For Large 20″ to 22″ Dolls Vintage


Part 1 The Dress

Part 2 Bed Jacket

Part 3 Coat


2 ozs 2 ply Nursery Knitting Yarn in Snow

4 buttons

1 medium sized crochet hook

1 pair 3.25mm /US 3 /UK 10

Length, shoulder to hem, 9 inches. Width all round, unstretched, 11 inches.

8 sts. to 1 inch


Cast on 101 sts. Work 4 rows in garter st.
Repeat the 4 pattern rows as given for frock twice.
Now continue in until work measures 7 ½ inches from cast on, ending on a P. row.
Decrease for waist thus :- ( K. 1, K. 2 tog.) 10 times, ( K. 2 tog.) 20 times. ( K. 1, K. 2 tog.) 9 times, K. 1, K. 3 tog. (60 sts.)
Continue in until work measures 1¾ inches from waist decreasing.
Shape Armholes: Cast off 6 sts. At beginning of next 2 rows. Take 2 tog. at each end of every row until 38 sts. remain.
Continue on 38 sts. until armholes measure 2 ¼ inches, measured straight up.
Shape Neck: Work 13 sts., cast off 12 sts., work to end.
Work in on last 13 sts. only taking 2 tog. at neck edge on every row until 7 sts. remain. Cast off.
Join yarn at centre to sts. left unworked and work to match other side.


Cast on 101 sts. Work exactly as given for front until waist decreasings have been worked. (60 sts)
Make back opening thus:- Work 30 sts., turn, and work in on these sts. Only until work measures 1 ¾ inches from waist decreasings, ending at side edge.
Shape Armholes: Cast off 6 sts., work to end. Take 2 tog. at armhole edge on every row until 18 sts. remain. Continue on 18 sts. until armhole measures 2 ¾ inches, measured straight up, ending at centre back.
Shape Neck: Cast off 9 sts., work to end. Take 2 tog. at neck edge on next 2 rows. Cast off.
Join yarn at centre to sts. left unworked and work to match other side.


Press work carefully on wrong side with hot iron over a damp cloth.

Sew up side and shoulder seams.

Work the following picot edge round the neck and armholes : – * 3 ch., 1 d.c. into first of these ch., 1 single crochet into the 3rd st. from hook * repeat * to * all round.
Work 1 row of d.c. down each side of back opening, working a 2nd row down the right side only, making 4 buttonhole loops at even distances apart.

Sew on buttons to match the button loops. Press seams.