Cobweb Stole

Cobweb Stole Vintage Knitting Pattern


5 ozs Patons Beehive Fingering 2ply Patonised in white

A pair No. UK 9 Beehive needles

A No 12 crochet hook


 Length excluding fringe, 60 inches; width, 19 inches


 7 ½ stitches and 9 ½ rows to an inch


Cast on 119 stitches.

1st row: right side facing, k.1, *(k.2 tog., w1. fwd.) twice, k.1, wl. fwd., (k.2 tog.) twice, k.2, w1. fwd, k.2 tog., w1. fwd.; repeat from * to last stitch, k. 1

2nd row: Purl

3rd row: k.1, * (w1. fwd., k.2 tog.) twice, w1. fwd., k.2, (k.2 tog.) twice, w1. fwd., k.1, w1.fwd., k.2 tog.; repeat from *to last stitch, K. 1

4th row: Purl

These four rows form the pattern.

Continue in pattern until work measures 60 inches or required length.

Fringe: Cut remaining wool into 6 inch lengths; take 4 strands at a time, fold in half and knot through edge of knitting as shown in photograph across two short ends of stole.

Press only very lightly.

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To veil or not to veil? If so, there’s length and style to ponder over, so whether you’re Renaissance or Miss June Bride,…

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Wispy Veil

Wispy Veil in Hiawatha Lace ~ Vintage Free Knitting Pattern

A Wisp of Lace ~ Fragile Sorcery

Hiawatha Lace was a vintage 100% rayon yarn, thin with a slubbed finish. The wispy appearance of course depends upon using a fine, uneven silk, linen or cotton.

Hiawatha Metallic Art thread may be easily substituted or omitted.


Hiawatha Lace Yarn Art 72, 2 Spools

Hiawatha Metallic Thread Art 95, 1 Tube

1 Pair Knitting Needles UK 10/US 3/Metric 3.25mm

Steel Crochet Hook Old UK Steel 5/US 9/Metric 1.4mm

Gauge 5 stitches = 1 inch


Starting at narrow end, cast on 80 stitches very loosely. Work garter stitch (Knit each row) al­ways slipping first stitch on each row, until piece is about 48″ long. Bind off very loosely. Pin out and block to measure 16″ x 50″


Use double strand (one strand of lace yarn and one strand of metallic thread worked together).

Sc in corner *ch 3, sc in top of last sc picot made sc in each of next 3 sts. Repeat from * around, join and end off.


King Cole Cosmos 100% Acrylic  (3.25mm needles). Shown in Galactica.

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