Fatten Thyself on the Penny

Solo Build It!

How a Penny Became a Thousand Pounds

Robert Kemp Philp (1856)

I found that butlers, stewards, and waiters grew rich upon perquisites; that guards became coach-proprietors upon their fees; that servant-maids got married upon kitchen-stuff, and that gentlemen’s grooms became cab-proprietors upon stable refuse.

A Penny, has, under proper management, great powers of reproduction, — that the skill with which its applications and exchanges are directed, may be called the science of its cultivation; that society is the soil in which it takes root; and that incessant changes, and the ever-varying wants and desires of society are the atmosphere and the rain by which the Penny is sustained and multiplied.

Remembering this, and seeing, as we now do, what can be done for a Penny, do we not attach greater importance than we have hitherto done, to the growth of Pennies?

A Penny may reproduce itself in an hour, or in a day; or many times in a day.

The world itself is but an aggregation of atoms. The voice of nature says “Keep moving.”

(Like old ways with Pennies? See A Fortune in Pennies).

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