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Magnetised Milk

If you want to include a flow of magnetism for healing purposes, place your hands together in a cone shape and breathe gently into them until they are moist, then rub them briskly together. Repeat this three times then you
will have sufficient “flow”.

First remember that your two hands are, for the time being, converted into delicate instruments, that in fact you carry an electro-magnetic battery in your fingers. You must steadily WILL the flow of magnetism from your fingers.

Milk can be magnetized, and given to drink, or to bathe the affected part with. Great relief, or even cure, can be brought about. To do this, pour the milk or water into a scrupulously clean vessel, induce the magnetic flow as already directed, and make passes with both hands over the vessel. Then place the right hand over the mouth of the cup or jug, stiffen the arm, and make the hand vibrate the muscles of the upper arm (this needs practice), sending a steady flow of magnetism into the liquid.

Concentration and the Acquirement of Personal Magnetism by O. Hashnu Hara (1906)

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