A Man You Meet

Solo Build It!

The spider weaving a line downwards, signals money to come; as also the ants having a nest near your door is good, because they know how to provide for themselves, and portend security and riches. If you meet with a snake, take care of an ill-tongued enemy; a viper signifies lewd women and wicked children; an eel shows a man that is displeased with everybody. But of all the various auspices and omens, there is none more effectual and potent than man, none that doth signify the truth more clearly. You must, therefore, diligently note and duly observe the condition of that man you meet, or that meeteth you; his age, profession, station, gesture, motion, exercise, complexion, habit, name, words, speech, &; for, seeing there are in all other animals so many discoveries or presages, yet those are all more efficacious and clear which are infused into the soul of man.

Old Wise Advice (Unknown)