Sagittarius and Crystal Dew

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Sagittarius and Silicea

The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation: Parts One and Two

by George W. Carey (1845-1924) and Inez Perry.

A full supply of iron must be present in the blood in order to attract the Spirit-containing oxygen into the circulation and to oxygenate the brain cells; the importance of these two salts in all mental activities must be emphasized.

As stated so many times, Greek mythology furnishes us with this complete plan expressed in poetical language. In the story of Pegasus we have an account of the initial appearance of that esse which is termed “dew” in the Hebrew sacred Scriptures. “The cranium is filled with crystalline (silicea) dew.”

Sagittarius people are generally swift and strong; and they are prophetic — look deeply into the future and hit the mark like the archer. A noted astrologer once said: “Never lay a wager with one born with the Sun in Sagittarius or with Sagittarius rising in the east lest you lose your wealth.”

The Sagittarius native is very successful in thought transference. He (or she) can concentrate on a brain, miles distant, and so vibrate the aerial wires that fill space that the molecular intelligence of those finely attuned to Nature’s harmonies may read the message.


Paracelsus collected Celestial dew which had gleamed under sun or moon according to the zodiac desired.

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