Southern Autumn Equinox: Crab-apple Elf

Solo Build It!

The leaves are falling

One by one,

Soft goblin gold

Dust in the sun.


Now mellow bronze,

Slipping, falling,

One by one.

A crinkled curling leaf

All quivering gold-winged green,

And perched atop, a cross-legged elf,

Sly-winking, sprightly-lean,

With twirling tendriled toes,

Such sharp and saucy teeth!

He in his puckish mouth, slick-sucks,

Wry rose crab-apply meat.

(Green Pipes, 1929)


Southern Hemisphere Astronomy ~ What You See

March Equinox in Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Wednesday, 21 March 2018 at 12:15 am AWST

Age of Celestial Virgo for Southern Hemisphere on horizon

The Moon was Waxing Crescent 17% Visible

Celestial Moon in Aries, Sidereal Sign Pisces

Sunrise 6.20am High Noon 12.24pm Sunset 6.27pm