Because It’s Free! Vintage Knitting Patterns

Solo Build It!

“We see the gold in every sunset

And silver in the moonlight too,

We see a pearl in every raindrop

And diamonds in the morning dew

And so it’s free…

No one could be luckier than we

Nature never had a lock or key

Isn’t that the way it ought to be”





O-Kay For Sound

(1937 UK 86 minutes black and white)

Book by R P Weston

Chesney Allen as Himself

Patricia Bowman

Peter Dawson

Fred Duprez as Hyman Goldberger

Bud Flanagan as Himself

Jimmy Gold as Studio Disorganizer

Jan Gotch as All-In Wrestler

Teddy Knox as Himself

H.F. Maltby as John Rigby

Meinhart Maur as Guggenheimer

Graham Moffatt as Albert, the page boy

Charlie Naughton as Himself

Jimmy Nervo as Himself

Louis Pergantes as All-In Wrestler

Enid Stamp-Taylor as Jill Smith, secretary

“Free” sung in O-Kay For Sound (Music by Michael Car and Jimmy Kennedy)

Secret Symbols: Crazy musical instruments. Bright, sentimental songs

Strike up your needles with Beryle, a complete knitted wardrobe for a large doll ~ coat, dress, vest, knickers, bonnet, booties, gloves.



Pirate’s Dance by Peg Maltby (Australia, 1899-1984)