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To veil or not to veil? If so, there’s length and style to ponder over, so whether you’re Renaissance or Miss June Bride, wander through the hall of design to see a world of different veils.









Knit Me A Veil Ma

Alas, in days of yore, maiden lassies might have had their wedding veil knitted with the finest of fleece, and though it took a year of work for such an heirloom, it was to be proud of. Well, lucky Mary who had that done for her in silk thread. Her veil photograph shows Shetland and Faroese stitches.

If you’re contemplating doing likewise, I suggest you get clicking now. A lighter approach would be to use large needles and the veil stitch as found in Barbara Walker’s book A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. This is an old favourite and probably at your local library. Examine other stitches that could be put to use like faggoting. One that imitates crochet tulle in that the holes are square, is the filet stitch. If you wish to sew on a knitted edging to tulle, a dainty stitch is:

Fairy Lace

Abbreviation 0 (yarn forward between needles and over right needle before next stitch)

Cast on 12 sts and knit one row.

Row 1: (0, P2TOG) 2 times, K1, (0 twice, K2TOG) 3 times, K1 (15 sts).

Row 2: K3, (P1, K2) 2 times, P1, K1, (0, P2TOG) 2 times (13 sts).

Row 3: (0, P2TOG) 2 times, K11.

Row 4: Cast (bind) off 3, K7, (0, P2TOG) 2 times (12 sts).

Repeat rows 1-4 and cast off after row 4.

A veil in handkerchief linen can also be finished with a knitted edging in thread. One possibility for a Juliet cap with veil is to knit a circle of picot knitting, which forms crochet-like flowers. It’s a fascinating method of knitting and is based on casting off, casting on for the picots.

Not Necessarily Tulle

Free patterns for single and double layered traditional veils with decorating and edge finishing techniques include Belly Dancing Veils — vibrant, scintillating for a dramatic wedding; and mantilla and other Spanish veils. Imagine a blood red/gold doubloons costume with this.

Freshwater pearls and glass? Fantasy princess theme? McCall’s 2057 bridal veil with nine variations, while Butterick 4649 has six designs.

Faery Wedding Wings will thrill you if this is your theme. A forget-me-not crown can replace a veil and there are golden wings for the flower girls. The groom is not left out as there is a simple glades headpiece for him. Elemental coloured crowns appear in

hand-fasting ceremony.

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