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Web of Sorcery

Web of Sorcery Wool Skirt Free Knitting Pattern

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Ankle-length seamless straight black wool skirt with lower ribbing, hip darts, waist ribbing with elastic. Features crochet cobweb frill 20cm deep falling to lower edge. Sew on magickal glass beads for night’s desire and slip in and out with Glitterspun Black Pearl embroidery ribbon. Lusty-sized (adjustable). Exceptionally black and woeful in the cottage at 2.00am. Image is lost and not found.


12 x 50g balls 8ply black crepe wool (adjust quantity according to length desired)

2 x 50g balls black, silky 4ply crochet cotton for web frill

Optional black glass beads for frill

Elastic for waist 2cm wide

Long or circular needles 4.00mm (US 6 UK 8)

Long or circular needles 3.25mm (US 3 UK 10 )

Crochet hook size 3.00mm (US D/3 or C/2 UK 11)


NEW – Raven – Patons Totem Merino 8ply


Width at hip 132cm unstretched

Length adjustable

Gauge 5sts to the inch


K2tog (knit two together)

SSK (slip one, slip one, insert left needle from left to right through front of these two stitches and knit)

Dc (double crochet – US single crochet)

Sl st (slip stitch)


Cast on 286 stitches with 4.00 needles. Place marker at beginning of round and half way to represent where seams would be. Knitting in rounds, knit 20 rows of K1, P1 rib.

Working now in stocking stitch, slip first marker, purl one stitch, knit to one stitch before halfway marker, purl one stitch, slip marker and continue to end of round. This will be repeated on each round and forms an attractive false side seamline.

Knit until skirt is length desired to top of hip (about 12cm from waist). Begin decreasing as follows:

Slip first marker, purl one, SSK, knit to three stitches before halfway marker, K2TOG, purl one, slip marker. Purl one, SSK, knit to two stitches before beginning marker and K2TOG. Continue decreasing this way on every 4th round until decreased to 250 stitches.

Using 3.25mm needles, work in K1, P1 ribbing for depth of waistband (6-8cm). Cast off in rib. Finish all ends neatly; do not iron ribbing. Measure elastic to fit waist and join into circle, overlapping ends. Encase elastic with large herringbone stitches and yarn.


Begin as Pattern One Edging below, (picking up stitches) and then work one round of double crochet (US sc). You will require about 3 packets of medium size pony beads and a small hook that will pass through a bead. Make chain loops of varying lengths, adding a bead at the half-way mark or wherever you choose. When ready to add each bead, remove hook. Pick up small hook, push through bead and scoop up last chain loop to pull it through the bead. Return to normal hook and yarn over, draw through last chain. Continue on, attaching the chain loops along the round of dc at random points. When you reach the beginning again, continue around with another set of chain loop and beads.


Measure 20cm up from lower edge of skirt and mark with pin. Thread baste a line exactly at his depth with brightly contrasting doubled quilting thread going under and over each knit stitch, keep exact depth. This marks the pick up line for the crochet edging. With hook and crochet cotton, work double crochet (US sc) around, picking up only the horizontal yarn between two knit stitches. Start with a slip knot on hook and end the round by joining with a slip stitch to beginning. An easy way to pick up the stitches is by folding the work on the marked line and slipping hook under the stitch to be picked up. Have the right side of skirt facing you with the marked line folded back over away from you (you will be picking up from the direction of looking down from waist to hem).

Round 1: Chain 1, dc in same space, chain 4, skip 1 dc *dc in next dc, ch 4, skip next dc* repeat around, joining with sl st to first dc.

Round 2: Chain 1, dc in same space, chain 4, dc in next ch 4 space from previous round *ch 4, dc in next ch 4 space* repeat around, joining with sl st to first dc.

Continue with round 2 only until frill is 20cm deep and reaches to lower edge. Black glass beads may be crocheted in on last round on each dc but check that the hook will pass through the hole – make step one of dc in 4ch space push hook through bead, complete dc.


Pick up stitches as for pattern one.

Round 1: Chain 4 *dc, chain 1* repeat around and join to 3rd chain of beg chain 4 with a sl st.

Round 2: Chain 5 *dc in next dc, ch 2* repeat around and join to 3rd ch of beg chain 5 with a sl st.

Round 3: Chain 7 *tr in next dc, ch 3* repeat around and join to 4th ch of beg chain 7.

Round 4: Chain 9 *tr in next tr, ch 5* repeat around and join to 4th ch of beg chain 9.

Repeat round 4 to lower edge.


Pick up stitches with circular knitting needle and increase into every stitch on first round. Continue in lacy or fluted pattern of choice. Cast off could be straight or scalloped or pointed (sew glass beads onto points).

Sparkle, shimmer and dimension….