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Rosella Gypsy Rag Skirt

Rosella Gypsy Rag Skirt

Free Knitting Pattern

Designed by Dianthe Bells 1999












Stash of 8ply/Double Knitting 100% wool (not felting wool)

Circular or straight knitting needles UK 8/US 6/Metric 4.00mm

UK/AU terms used

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Concocted from 8ply leftovers, this gaudy rag serves the purpose of a heavy wool peasant skirt when you are in the mood for escaping into the gypsy life. Any balls that escaped being knitted into the skirt can be gaily worked up into a mossy shawl.

So, being a gypsy, you let order go to the wind and happily hypnotize yourself by whirring through round after round in a senseless dream of colours. No pattern to follow. Just grab an apron full of 8ply rejects and a number 4.00mm circular needles; find yourself an apple tree….and do it.

Now, for those of you who are shy of all this abandon, you may safely estimate how many stitches you require by first crocheting a chain with a same-sized hook. Form this into a circle on the ground. Jump into it. Does it look about enough? Count the chains. Pick up each chain by knitting through the bump on each back of chain. Join and continue in circular knitting. If you prefer to knit flat, halve the stitches and simply make a back and front using a regular cast on. I did this with mine so I could emphasize the side seams with a picot crochet finish – on the outside. Yes. We are always carefully joining our seams so as not to reveal their whereabouts. Why not change that for once and make a spectacle of them? I wilfully crocheted them on the public side.

To keep track of the side seams on circular knitting, place a ring marker to announce each half, then forget about them as you pass them by every round until you reach your hip length. Here, you can decrease slowly as you please, at sides, centre front and centre back. Whatever you need. Remember, you can always try this skirt on as you knit, and decide how it’s all going. Finish the waist with some 1×1 ribbing or perhaps a shaped waistband. Use elastic or thread a cord through. Crochet a wavy hem edging (dc into every chain with right side facing and it will flare).

For an aged effect knit it with olive wool, or your preference. Make a few staggered, enlarged eyelets here and there to represent snags and holes. Spread out on grass and beat it mercilessly with a leafy branch. Wash in hot water, agitating well. Spin and dry flat on a couple of towels or drying rack. Don’t let it remain wet for too long. Because of the weight it will start to get that wet wool odour. Attach a cotton petticoat to the waistband and you’re ready to dance by the firelight.¬† To do the campfire fling, an old gypsy secret is to wear a red silk petticoat underneath. It seems to do things to people when they see it swishing around with a background of midnight sky and goblin sparks from the logs.

Swish Worsted Yarn 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool. Shown in Rainforest Heather










Rainforest is a rich deep antique teal color. This beautiful heathered yarn has a mottled look with varying shades of blue greens and touches or red violets that give added depth and texture to this exquisite color

HiyaHiya Stainless Steel Circular knitting Needles

Smooth as silk. Size 4.00mm 40 inches in length (100cm)